Alejandro Martinez, IMMEX, Aduanero, VTZ, abogado, Guadalajara

Alejandro Martínez Rivera

Jr. Partner | Guadalajara

Practice areas : International Trade and Customs | IMMEX | Dispute settlement

Mr. Martinez is a trade, customs, and tax lawyer, specializing in IMMEX matters.

Experience of Alejandro Martínez Rivera

Alejandro Martinez began his legal practice working at the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, where he was involved in tax and administrative litigation. Mr. Martinez also learned to use the online justice system of said court. Currently, he participates in specialized litigation involving international trade, customs, and taxes issues.

The Maquiladora and Manufacturing Industry

With more than five years of experience in the firm, our associate advises companies of the maquiladora and manufacturing industries in their international trade operations, as well as assisting such companies to obtain permits and registrations.

IMMEX Specialized Lawyer

Additionally, Mr. Alejandro Martinez has extensive experience in advising on the correct management of the IMMEX program, including compliance and its renewal, as well as e Company Certification Scheme.

Practice areas



LL.B., Universidad del Valle de México (2011)

LL.M. in Private Law, UNAM (2015)

Additional Education

Diploma in Procedural Law (2012)

Diploma in Administrative Procedural Law (2012)

International Trade and Customs Seminars