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In light of our international trade and customs legal services and results, VTZ has gained the trust of our clients and foreign law firms to handle Business Law matters, such as sales, corporate, foreign investment, labor, migration, intellectual property, among others.

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Mexican Lawyers with Experience in Business Law

At VTZ, we have a nationwide team of lawyers with experience in corporate matters, foreign investment, migration, commercial, including litigation. In particular, our firm advises on the incorporation process of companies, branches, joint ventures, drafting commercial contracts, the establishment of securities or real estate collaterals, due diligence, supply chains, consumer law, including litigation or arbitration.

How can we help?

In addition to setting an initial meeting, our lawyers may assist companies or individuals in their business in Mexico, be it an investment, a contract, representing them before authorities, or third-private parties in a negotiation. In short, we guide and defend our clients' businesses through the legal maze so that they can compete successfully in the Mexican and international markets.

If you are interested in Doing Business in Mexico, VTZ has prepared a guide that offers an overview of the Mexican business environment, available here. Please feel free to contact VTZ, we are always available to share legal and economic information about Mexico (for example, salaries, goods, services, real estate, etc.). 

If requested, we will organize a team of lawyers and professionals that may evaluate the proposed business model, from a corporate, tax, commercial, and, where appropriate, foreign investment and international trade point of view. We can also prepare market analysis reports. If you are looking for soft-landing services, VTZ can help.

As part of our Business Law services, we provide advice and processing services to incorporate a company or a branch of a foreign company in Mexico. Our services include recommending the corporate “structure” (e.g., corporation, limited liability company) that best suits the business or relationship between the shareholders or partners.

Once the company is created, clients may appoint a VTZ lawyer as their legal representative. Likewise, we guide the company in continuous compliance with their corporate obligations, such as holding the annual shareholder or partner meetings, keeping the corporate books updated, among other matters.

Our country is open to foreign investment. In short, Mexico has a «negative» list. That is, if there are no restrictions in an economic sector, then foreign investment is allowed in Mexico. To see what economic sectors have restrictions, please download our Doing Business in Mexico guide.

Corporate Equity

If there is foreign investment, the bylaws must establish such a situation and the company must register with the National Registry of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy and, in some cases, must submit reports periodically. VTZ assists foreign investors to meet these legal obligations.

Real Estate

A property located in the restricted zone, which is 100 kilometers along the borders and 50 kilometers along the beaches, is subject to foreign investment restrictions. Needless to say, properties located outside of the restricted zone may still be subject to foreign investment restrictions as a result of water sources, deposits of minerals, among other circumstances. In that sense, VTZ supports foreign investors and businesses that seek to purchase properties located in the restricted zone through the available legal structures, such as trusts.

For instance, we assist domestic and international businesses to review whether a given trademark is available for registration in Mexico as well as to process their applications before the Mexican Intellectual Property Institution (IMPI). 

Specialized Business Law Services

VTZ abogados, firma de abogados, comercio exterior, fiscal, IMMEX, TMEC, legal, aduanas, México, mejores firmas, Mexican Law Firm, despacho

Contracts and Commercial Operations

VTZ advises and assists our clients regarding their contracts, commercial operations, and contractual relationships.

Being specialized in international trade law, our team is familiar with INCOTERMS, international sales contracts (United Nations Convention on Sales Contracts International), and technical legal matters such as the applicable law, jurisdiction, arbitration clauses, supply chains & human rights, among other aspects.

Our services

VTZ may advise and support companies or foreign law firms during the negotiation of a commercial contract, such as an international sale of goods, supply, distribution, franchise, pledges (possessory or non-possessory), collaterals, trusts, warehousing of goods, among other contracts. Once a contract is executed, VTZ can carry out due diligence services, legal advice, or any other activity that may be requested per the contract or Law.

Due Diligence in Business 

Interested in closing a business deal with a partner or potential Mexican client, but you require a professional to review potential legal or tax risks in a contract, merger or acquisition (M&A), or supply chains?

Being specialists in international trade, VTZ is able to identify specific risks, such as the legal stay of goods, compliance with customs or IMMEX obligations, among other issues. In short, if you want to verify compliance with legal obligations, identifying risks, or having a legal opinion on business matters, our lawyers are ready to help.

Due Diligence Beyond Mexico?

In the event that international due diligence services are needed, VTZ may rely on one of our Alliott Global Alliance trusted partners.

Real Estate

Protecting our clients’ real estate investments is always a priority. For this reason, VTZ developed recently a Real Estate and Infrastructure Law specialized practice that allows our clients to have the necessary legal support to launch sophisticated real estate projects in Mexico.

In this sense, we offer advisory services in the real estate acquisition process (for example, from drafting and/or negotiating the respective contract), real estate due diligence, and carrying out the transformation of the Mexican common land regime (known as ejido) into the private property regime.

In case of requiring special legal structures for the execution and development of projects, such as trusts and association agreements, VTZ has experience designing and implementing tailor-made legal projects.

Litigation (National or International) and Arbitration 

The world of international trade is not perfect and commercial disputes frequently arise as a result of operations. Therefore, clients and companies contact VTZ to seek solutions or legal options derived from businesses that took an unexpected turn.

We are always open to discuss with potential clients in order to review communications, documents, and contracts to determine the proper “road” for the commercial disputes (for example, should the company initiate the dispute before a Mexican or foreign judge, or is arbitration mandatory).

After analyzing the above, VTZ will present the legal strategy that could entail initiating legal claims in Mexico or, when the case requires international litigation or arbitration, channeling the client with one of our Alliott Global Alliance trusted partners.

VTZ abogados, firma de abogados, comercio exterior, fiscal, IMMEX, TMEC, legal, aduanas, México, mejores firmas, Mexican Law Firm, despacho

Contratos y Operaciones Comerciales

VTZ generalmente apoya a clientes para garantizar las mejores condiciones legales para sus operaciones, negocios comerciales y las relaciones contractuales con sus clientes o proveedores.


Al ser una firma especializada en comercio internacional, nuestro equipo está familiarizado con los términos de compraventa internacional (INCOTERMS), aspectos contractuales en temas de contratos de compra venta internacional, tales como la ley aplicable (Convención de las Naciones Unidas sobre los Contratos de Compraventa Internacional de Mercaderías), jurisdicción, cláusulas de arbitraje, aspectos de cadenas de suministro y derechos humanos, entre otros aspectos.  

Nuestros Servicios

Además, VTZ apoya a sus clientes para negociar, redactar o asesorar en la celebración de contratos comerciales desde, por ejemplo, contratos de compra venta, suministro, distribución, franquicia, prendas con o sin transmisión de posesión, hipotecas,  fideicomisos, depósito de mercancías, entre otros.

Due Diligence en los Negocios

¿Interesado en cerrar una operación con un socio o potencial cliente Mexicano, pero requieres que un profesional revise potenciales riesgos legales o fiscales en algún contrato, fusión o adquisición (M&A), cadenas de suministro?


Al ser especialistas en comercio exterior, VTZ también puede identificar ciertos riesgos de comercio exterior como la legal estancia de bienes, el cumplimiento de obligaciones aduaneros o IMMEX, entre otros temas. En fin, si desea verificar el cumplimiento de obligaciones legales, identificar riesgos o simplemente contar con una opinión legal en cuanto aspectos empresariales, nuestros abogados están listos para apoyar.


¿Due Diligence En el extranjero?

En caso de requerir due diligence en el extranjero, VTZ podrá apoyarse con alguno de nuestros socios de Alliott Global Alliance.

Litigio Nacional o Internacional, o Arbitraje

El mundo del comercio internacional no es perfecto y frecuentemente surgen controversias comerciales a raíz de las operaciones. Por ello, clientes y empresas nos contactan para buscar soluciones u opciones legales derivado de negocios que tomaron un giro inesperado.


Iniciamos siempre con una revisión de comunicaciones, así como documentos y contratos, para determinar cuál es el camino correcto para reclamar las controversias comerciales (por ejemplo, acudir ante un Juez mexicano o extranjero, o bien arbitraje).


Analizado lo anterior, VTZ presentará la estrategia legal que podría ser iniciar acciones judiciales en México o canalizar al cliente con alguno de nuestros socios de Alliott Global Alliance para algún litigio o arbitraje internacional.


La protección de las inversiones de nuestros clientes en materia inmobiliaria es siempre una prioridad. Por ello, VTZ desarrolló una práctica de Derecho Inmobiliario e Infraestructura que permite a nuestros clientes contar con el soporte jurídico necesario para el desarrollo de los más sofisticados y variados proyectos inmobiliarios a lo largo del territorio nacional.


En ese sentido, ofrecemos servicios de asesoría en el proceso de adquisición de inmuebles, por ejemplo, apoyamos en el borrador y/o negociación del respectivo contrato, hacemos due diligence inmobiliario, e incluso apoyamos con la desincorporación del régimen ejidal.


En caso de requerir estructuras especiales para la ejecución y desarrollo de proyectos, tales como fideicomisos y convenios de asociación, VTZ también tiene la experiencia para diseñar el plan legal e implementarlo.

Other Servicios | Business Related

Although Anti-Trust Law and International Trade are autonomous disciplines, they sometimes overlap. Therefore, we have participated in «anti-trust» investigations conducted by the Federal Economic Competition Commission involving companies with international trade operations, as well as in merger authorizations.

Closely linked to our regulatory practice, VTZ advises clients in their compliance with consumer law provisions set forth in the Federal Law for the Protection of Consumer Rights. If a company needs to register a “pre-established” contract, review terms and conditions, advertisement, compliance with Mexican Standards, or even a legal defense before the Federal Attorney for Consumer Protection (PROFECO), our lawyers are ready to support and assist you.

Labor legislation in Mexico has significantly changed in recent years and, at VTZ we have advised companies in this important area of ​​law by conducting internal labor audits, drafting, modifying, or updating labor contracts, as well as planning adequate strategies so that our client’s labor relations are always in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

We can also review and update our client’s collective labor relations in accordance with Mexican legislation and USMCA, regarding negotiations and collective bargaining agreements with a union(s), in order to avoid any potential international trade risks.

We advise and assist companies and/or individuals:

  • to obtain the authorization to hire foreign personnel that is issued by the National Institute of Migration, and their annual renewals;
  • to apply for the respective work visas and their corresponding updates for the workers and their families;
  • to file any changes regarding the migration status, including notices, exits and return permits
  • to process and file for the foreign investors visa in Mexico.

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