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Our Practice Areas

VTZ is a Mexican Law Firm that specializes in the following legal practices and services.

International Trade and Customs

We advise companies to maximize commercial facilitation policies and to prevent interruptions in their supply chains, as well as defending their interests on a variety of issues from antidumping investigations, free trade agreements, rules of origin, verifications of origin, customs compliance, customs procedures (PAMAS), to litigation.


We implement and manage the plan to obtain the IMMEX, PROSEC, Eighth Rule, VAT / IEPS certification, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) of a company in Mexico, as well as we review the continuous compliance of its customs-tax obligations regarding inventories (Annex 24) and fixed assets (Annex 31).


Besides advising, we correct and clean the tax situation of businesses and individuals to maintain the stability of their business. We help to plan our client's operation to avoid creating a permanent establishments, avoid double taxation, maximizing profits within the law and, of course, we defend our clients before authorities and courts.

Business Law

Do you need to incorporate a company, comply with corporate obligations, register a trademark, have a commercial contract, or a due diligence? Or do you need real estate collateral or security for a commercial operation? Let us help you provide the legal structure and support for your ideas and businesss strategies in Mexico.


We advise and obtain permits, notices, certificates and licenses in specialized procedures in highly regulated sectors such as international trade, energy, environmental, health and food. Does your product need to comply with any labeling? We avoid any setback in these and more topics.

Chinese Desk | Market Analysis

通过我们在香港、中国大陆和墨西哥的专家团队,我们为中国公司在墨西哥和拉丁美洲的多个领域的投资和贸易项目提供建议。 其中包括公司注册、商业合同、商标注册、尽职调查、税务、劳工、合伙企业搜索和市场分析。

Why choose VTZ as your Mexican Law Firm?

Specialization and experience are our strong cards. With 50 years of experience and specialized practice in international trade and tax matters, VTZ Law Firm aims to be that experienced and agile sherpa that guides companies through the different legal mazes so that they can focus on what it really is important: competing in the market without setbacks.

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Since our beginnings, we have always aspired to be a Mexican Law firm that deals with international trade and tax matters.

With more than 45 years in the sector and being specialists, VTZ can anticipate needs and agilely design strategies to avoid or overcome our clients’ problems.

We believe that communication should be personal, but above all with timely responses. Punctual attention to our clients is in our DNA.

We advise both national and international companies, embracing cultural diversity. We are members of organizations and our reputation goes beyond borders.

Leading Mexican Law Firm

"Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda's team-add value through different perspectives. Their leaders complement their knowledge with each other, and provide us with efficient and robust solutions to highly complex problems."
Chambers' Review
"Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda is deeply revered for its prowess in anti-dumping investigations and countervailing duties. The team boasts further expertise in customs compliance and verifications of origin. The international trade practice group continues to serve an impressive roster of domestic and international clients encompassing such sectors as metals, manufacturing and consumer goods. Remains a first port of call for clients from Asian markets exporting goods to the Mexican market."

Mexican Law Firm with International Reach

VTZ is the only Mexican Law Firm that is a member of Alliott Global Alliance, a multidisciplinary network working together as one.


Members of Organizations

VTZ or its members participate in the following organizations and bars as members, partners, or strategic associates:

Co-Representatives of COMCE

Our Team of Lawyers and Professionals

VTZ is not a traditional Mexican law firm. One of our strengths is that we have a multidisciplinary team with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals specialized in international trade. We have offices in Mexico's main cities, including one in Hong Kong.

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