Regulatory Practice Services

With nearly 15 years of experience in regulatory affairs and regulatory consulting, VTZ attorneys know that when it comes to regulatory compliance, speed and accuracy of advice is of paramount importance.

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Regulatory Affairs Experts

At VTZ Abogados we are aware of the current needs of our clients, and we understand that the entry of their products into the Mexican market depends on the timely compliance with technical and non-tariff regulations.

Therefore, at VTZ we have a team of lawyers and professionals nationwide focused exclusively on matters related to regulatory advice in various industries and products. Our members see and know the necessary procedures for legal importation, such as sanitary import permits, registrations and NOM compliance, permits or authorizations in the Ministry of Economy, SEMARNAT and more.

How can we help you in regulatory matters?

Our team of lawyers and professionals stands out for its professionalism and high specialized knowledge in regulatory matters. With our advice, our experts will be able to identify, prevent and reduce risks related to the importation and commercialization of products in the conduct of your business operations.

Specialized Services in Regulatory Affairs

Health and Environment

We have more than 15 years of experience in advising and assisting the food and food supplement industry to obtain permits, registrations and operating notices or sanitary licenses from the Mexican health authorities. Specifically, we support companies in obtaining permits, registrations and operating notices or sanitary licenses.

Our team of experts advises companies in the review and processing of certificates for products in accordance with Mexican Official Standards in order to reduce time and costs during the certification process. 


Our firm advises on procedures before the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS).

Toxic or hazardous materials

Our experts advise companies on the processing of the Import Permit for Toxic Substances issued by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris).

Sanitary License 

Our experts advise companies on the processing of sanitary licenses required to comply with sanitary regulations..

Operating Notice, license and registration

VTZ lawyers provide advice for the processing of the notice of operation, licenses and registrations according to the specific needs of each company.

At VTZ abogados we advise companies in the processing of import permits so that the specialized products imported into the national territory comply with the current legislation of our country.

Our experts advise companies on the processing of phytosanitary certificates before the National Service for Agri-Food Health, Safety and Quality (SENASICA) to ensure that products comply with the phytosanitary requirements of the destination country.

Food, Beverages & Supplements

We have more than 15 years of experience in advising and processing food and food supplement industries before the Mexican health authorities. Specifically, we support companies in obtaining permits, registrations and operating notices or sanitary licenses.

VTZ lawyers advise companies so that the food, food supplements and non-alcoholic beverages they import into the national territory comply with the sanitary legislation in force in our country, for their commercialization, distribution and production processes of the food industry in Mexico.

Our experts advise companies on labeling revisions in order to reduce the risk of products being rejected due to incorrect labeling and help them ensure compliance with applicable regulations. 

VTZ lawyers advise companies on tariff classification issues so that they can be certain that the tariff classification of their imports or exports is correct.  At VTZ abogados our objective is that companies can properly determine the corresponding contributions and quotas in order to comply with the applicable regulations and non-tariff restrictions. 

Commercial Instruments

We advise companies to obtain foreign trade tools to obtain tariff benefits, such as PROSEC, Rule 8, as well as the creation or splitting of tariff fractions, among other issues.

VTZ Abogados advises companies to obtain a Sector Promotion Program (PROSEC). PROSEC benefits companies by allowing them to import various goods at a preferential ad valorem tariff.

In addition to a Sector Promotion Program, VTZ lawyers advise domestic production companies to obtain an import permit (Rule 8) that allows them to reduce the general import tax (IGI) and reduce their import costs.

VTZ lawyers advise companies on the correct tariff classification of their imports and exports, allowing them to carry out their commercial operations in an agile and efficient manner. 

Relevant Cases

Dietary Supplements

We were able to grant access to the domestic market for food products, such as food supplements, infant formulas, baby food and cereals, from Unicity International Inc. and PBM Products Inc. by bringing their labels into compliance with national regulations and obtaining sanitary permits.

Commercial Instruments

We helped the Mexican Association of Children’s Products and the National Association of Tire Importers reduce their operating expenses by reducing tariffs, creating and/or modifying tariff items, as well as obtaining PROSEC and 8th Rule.

Textile Industry

We were able to introduce «lastol», a novel fiber similar to «nylon» and «spandex», into the description of inputs in apparel labeling, thus benefiting the textile industry.

Mexican Official Standards

We represented the main producer of wooden pallets in Mexico in the design and implementation of the Mexican Official Standard on packaging, achieving that the relevant international standard was adapted to the conditions for the Mexican market.

Key Members

Why choose VTZ?

We know Mexican regulation inside out, and we always push its limits in favor of our clients. Thanks to our specialization and the way we serve our clients, our key partner is part of numerous highly recognized associations such as:

The specialization of our firm and its members allows us to understand the complexity of the regulatory landscape, streamline the conduct of international trade operations and guide our clients and their businesses.

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