VTZ Chinese Desk in Mexico

25 Feb , 2019  

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Chinese Desk in Mexico

VTZ is proud to announce that it is opening a Chinese Desk with the purpose of assisting Chinese companies that are interested to do business in Mexico.


Today, China is a major exporting capital country in the world, the second biggest provider of global Foreign Direct Investment in 2016, according to CEPAL. Chinese investment in Latin America and the Caribbean has had a sharp increase in the last years, but that has not been the case in Mexico as it only represents around 0.1% of the total foreign direct investment in Mexico, according to official statistics of the Mexican Ministry of Economy.


Given recent events in Mexico, the economic ties between Mexico-China may be strengthened as a result of the vision of the new Mexican Administration and recent international events regarding Free Trade Agreements (like USMCA and CPTPP).


VTZ aims to help Chinese investors to seize new business opportunities in Mexico. Our Chinese Desk, which will be led by Ms. Lizette Ramos Garduño (lizett[@]vtz.mx or chinesedesk[@]vtz.mx ), will guide Chinese individuals and companies through Mexico’s complex legal system.


Ms. Lizette Ramos Garduño (李莎) is an experienced Mexican Lawyer, who concluded her Ph.D. in International Law at Zhongan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan, China. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Chinese.






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