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USMCA Hotline and more | The Trading Room

14 Aug , 2020  

Mexican Economic Newsletter, International Trade News in Mexico

USMCA Hotline for Labor Complaints   On Monday, August 3, the United States Embassy in Mexico published, on its Twitter account, the “USMCA Hotline”, which is a platform to receive complaints or information on labor matters. This should not come as a surprise because it was foreseen in article 717 of the USMCA Implementation Act.   El […]

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Antidumping in Mexico – An Overview of 2018

2 Jan , 2019  

Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, Trade Remedies in Mexico, Antidumping in Mexico, Trade Lawyer in Mexico

Antidumping in Mexico Our associate, Emilio Arteaga, reviews Mexico’s trade remedy system, in particular, antidumping duties, as well as trade developments in 2018. An overview of Trade Remedies in 2018 In the video, our associate provides historic figures regarding investigations, antidumping duties, protected industries, and targeted countries. Also, our associate reviews Mexico’s practice regarding whether China […]

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Modification of Mexican Countermeasures and G20 WTO Reform – The Trading Room

7 Dec , 2018  

This week on the Trading Room: Mirror Countermeasures The new Mexican administration is considering to modify its countermeasures in response to the US 232 tariffs on Mexican aluminum and steel imports. In November, the Senate requested the Ministry of Economy to “mirror” the US 232 measures…See More G20 Leaders: WTO reform Last week was the […]

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VTZ TRADING ROOM- 04/05/2018

4 May , 2018  

This week on the Trading Room: Text of EU – MEX FTA 2.0 Released US Tariffs to Steel and Aluminum ¿30 Days to NAFTA 2.0? Esta semana en “Trading Room”: TLCUEM 2.0: Texto disponible Aranceles al Acero y Aluminio de EEUU ¿30 Días para TLCAN 2.0?                       […]

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Trade Alert – Antidumping Investigation on Steel Plate from Italy and Japan

14 Nov , 2017  

Today, the Ministry of Economy issued its decision to initiate an antidumping investigation on Steel Plate from Italy and Japan. For more information, feel free to access our trade alert that includes the list of exporters from Italy and Japan: VTZ- Alert Antidumping- Steel from Italy and Japan. In the past years, the Mexican Ministry of Economy […]

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International Trade Law Review – Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda

11 Nov , 2016  

Our partner, Adrián Vázquez, and associate, Emilio Arteaga, contributed again in the second edition of the International Trade Law Review. In this edition, our members described the recent developments in the trade law field in Mexico during 2015-2016. In particular, the chapter notes the issues regarding global steel overcapacity and the actions taken by the Mexican […]

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