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Antidumping Investigation Against Steel Threaded Rods from China

Antidumping Alert


  • Clavos Nacionales México, S.A. de C.V.
  • Clavos Nacionales CN, S.A. de C.V.

Investigated Product

Threaded rods of low, medium carbon, or unquenched alloy steel, of a diameter of 6.4 mm (¼ inch) or more, but less than 38.1 mm (1 ½ inch), and a length of 152.4 mm (6 inches) or more.

Mexican Tariff Item

7318.15.99 and 7318.19.99 of the Mexican Tariff of the General Law of Import and Export Taxes (TIGIE).

Normal Value Determination

The Ministry resorted to Domestic Sales in China.

Period of Investigation (Dumping)

January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

Period of Analysis (Injury)

January 1, 2019, to December, 2022.

Exporter's Questionnaire Deadline

The last day for exporters and importers to participate in the investigation is July 19, 2023. A deadline extension may be requested.

Listed Chinese Exporters

Shanghai G&T Industry, Co. Ltd. 

West Beijing Rd. No. 95 


Z.C. 200003, Shanghai, China 

Summit Precision Engine Products, Ltd. 

2nd Rd. No. 1 


Z.C. 430223, Hubei, China 

Suno Group, Ltd. 

Focus Square Center St. No. 2110 


Z.C. 100102, Beijing, China 

Shanghai Nate Automobile Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

Linzhong Rd. No. 468 


Z.C. 314202, Zhejiang, China 

Shanghai Uni-Star Industrial & Trading, Co., Ltd. 

Minsheng Rd. No. 600 


Z.C. 200135, Shanghai, China 

Linkfast Technical, Co. Ltd. 

Yinyan Ave. No. 35 


Z.C. 314317, Zhejiang, China 

Qifeng Precision Industry, Corp. 

Jing Gong Rd. No. 37 


Z.C. 314300, Zhejiang, China 

Losang Hirosawa Mold, Co. Ltd. 

Dongfa Rd. No.7 


Z.C. 518106, Shenzhen, China 

Jiangsu Xing Chang Jiang International, Co. Ltd. 

Binjiang West Rd. No. 328 


Z.C. 214443, Jiangsu, China 

Jiashan Tianyang Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

Jingyang Rd. No. 106 


Z.C. 314108, Zhejiang, China 

Jiaxing Cavort Hardware, Co. Ltd. 

West Zhonghuan Rd. No. 616 


Z.C. 314001, Zhejiang, China 

Jiaxing Chinafar Standard Parts, Co. Ltd. 

Hehe Rd. No.211 


Z.C. 314202, Hejiang, China 

Jiaxing Goodway Trading Co. Ltd. 

Huayuan Rd. No. 518 


Z.C. 314001, Zhejiang, China 

Jiaxing Haiguang Import & Export, Co. Ltd. 

North Chang An Rd. No.279 


Z.C. 314317, Zhejiang, China 

Jiaxing Shenglong Hardware Technology, Co. Ltd. 

Jixing Rd. No. 278 


Z.C. 314317, Zhejiang, China  

Jiaxing Xingxin Trade, Co. Ltd. 

Xingxin Ave. No. 2 


Z.C. 314015, Zhejiang, China 

Jinan Shengguo Machinery, Co. Ltd. 

Lashan Rd. No.18-11 


Z.C. 250029, Shandong, China 

Guangxi Liugong Machinery, Co. Ltd. 

Liutai Road No.1 


Z.C. 545007, Guangxi, China 

Haiyan Secon Impo. & Exp. Ltd. 

Chaoyang East Rd. No.20 


Z.C. 314300, Zhejiang, China 

Freedom Gifts, Co. Ltd. 

Jiayuan Rd. No. 788 


Z.C. 215132, Suzhou, China 

Dayang Fastener Manufacturing, Co. Ltd. 

Changqing Rd. No. 9 


Z.C. 314302, Haiyan, China 

Flowcom Mechanical Technology Co. Ltd. 

Xiupu Rd. No. 2388 


Z.C. 201318, Shanghai, China 

Betten Machinery, Ltd. 

Hongxiang Central Rd. No. 8 


Z.C. 214161, Jiangsu, China 

 Ningbo Huizone Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

Tianshen Rd. No. 100 


Z.C. 315205, Zhejiang, China 

Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

XiHe Rd. No.25 


Z.C. 315599, Zhejiang, China 

Ningbo S&D Metalwork, Co. Ltd. 

Tiantong St. No.691-1 


Z.C. 315114, Ningbo, China 

Ningbo Yinzhou Sokun Import and Export, Co. Ltd. 

Taikang Middle Rd. No. 577 


Z.C. 315199, Zhejiang, China 

Anhui Ankai Automobile, Co. Ltd. 

Huayuan Ave. No.99 


Z.C. 230051, Hefei, China 

Anhui Goodlink Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

Xici 6th Rd. No. 2828 


Z.C. 230601, Wuhu, China 

Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener, Co. Ltd. 

Beiyuan South Rd. No. 46-12 


Z.C. 101199, Beijing, China 

T&C Fastener Industry, Co. Ltd. 

Jiangsu Rd. No. 369 

Z.C. 200050, Shanghai, China 

Weir Engineering Products, Co. Ltd. 

West Yan An Rd. No. 1566 


Z.C. 200052, Shanghai, China 

Weir Group Machinery Equipment, Co. Ltd. 

West Yan An Rd. No. 1566 


Z.C. 200052, Shanghai, China  

Wuxi Mrail Technology, Co. Ltd. 

Cheng Nan Road No. 32-1 

New Wu

C. 215638, Jiangsu, China

Zhejiang Lorca Precision Industry, Co. Ltd. 

Wenqu East Rd. No. 1699 


Z.C. 325017, Zhejiang, China 

Aidacom Technology, Co. Ltd. 

Ji’antai Industrial Park 


Z.C. 518103, Shenzhen, China 

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