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International Trade in Mexico: A Guide by VTZ in Thomson Reuters

Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda (VTZ) has contributed for the fifth time with Thomson Reuters Practical Law in the International Trade and Commercial Transactions Global Guide. Thomson Reuters’ guide on international trade matters is a compilation of guides in which local law firms answer essential questions on commercial regulation from all over the world.

VTZ's colaboration

In the 2023 edition, our Managing Partner Adrián Vázquez and our Jr. Partner Emilio Arteaga, responded to a Q&A that cover key matters relating to the regulation of international trade in Mexico. Particularly, our partners set forth the most relevant information on the importation, exportation, and supply of goods in Mexico.

Importing into Mexico: Overview

The Q&A guide titled Importing into Mexico: Overview intends to provide clear answers to the most common doubts concerning the importation of goods in Mexico. This guide covers the following key matters:

    Trends in import policies
    Thompson Reuters' guide includes information on trade policies such as the energy sector reform, the governmental response to COVID-19, and other recent legislative changes.
    Trade agreements and negotiations
    The guide covers the extensive network of free trade agreements (FTAs) that Mexico has signed with over 50 countries.
    Import procedures
    The guide also provides an overview of the customs authorities, customs procedure, and import transactions in Mexico.
    Tariff and non-tariff barriers to imports
    Thompson Reuters' guide sets forth information on customs duties, countervailing and anti-dumping duties, registration requirements, and so on.
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    If you intend to import goods into Mexico, this guide is definitively a great place to start. Likewise, this guide is useful to understand Mexican policies regarding international trade. 

    Exporting from Mexico: Overview

    Like the importation guide, the Q&A guide named Exporting from Mexico: Overview aims to be a practical approach to common doubts on the exportation of goods. The guide elaborates on the following topics:

    Trends in export policies
    The guide begins with an introduction of the main trends and developments regarding exportation.
    Export regulations and authorities
    Thompson Reuters' guide provides a comprehensive study of the Mexican export legislation and the authorities in charge of its enforcement.
    Export control and sanctions
    The guide covers the most important export controls in Mexico, as well as the sanctions applied in case of non-compliance.
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    Certainly, this guide is useful to understand the main developments in export matters. Moreover, the guide sets out numerous aspects concerning compliance with export legislation in Mexico. Its practical approach may help to facilitate export procedures and avoid sanctions.

    Supply of Goods in Mexico: Overview

    Lastly, the Q&A guide titled Supply of Goods in Mexico: Overview is intended to provide an outline of the supply of goods in Mexico. Particularly, the guide serves as an introduction to the legislative framework of the sale of goods contracts. Its main topics are the following:

    Commercial Contract Law
    The guide provides an overview of the domestic and international law applicable to supply of goods contracts in Mexico.
    Terms and conditions
    Thompson Reuters' guide elaborates on the payment, delivery, and invoicing regarding supply of goods contracts in Mexico.
    Warranties and quality
    The guide describes the most common warranties, conditions, and indemnities concerning the quality of supplied goods.
    Breaches of contracts and remedies
    Thompson Reuters' guide analyzes the consequences and remedies available with regard to breaches of supply of goods contracts in Mexico.
    Dispute resolution
    The guide includes information on liability, adjudication, and choice of law concerning supply of goods contracts disputes.
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    VTZ is a firm specialized in International Trade and Customs with extensive experiences advising companies in export and import procedures, as well as complying with tariff and non-tariff restrictions to trade.

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