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Emilio Arteaga Vázquez

Associate, Mexico City

After finishing with honors his LL.M., specializing in International Trade and Investment Law, at Maastricht University, Emilio Arteaga returned to VTZ. Our young associate actively participates in trade remedies and dispute settlement proceedings.

Practice Areas

International Trade

• Trade Remedies
• Non-Tariff Barriers

Dispute Settlement

• Investment
• Domestic Remedies
• Amparo


Mr. Arteaga is a young Mexican licensed lawyer that has a strong academic and professional background, particularly in  the  field  of  International  Economic  Law.  During  his bachelor  studies,  Mr.  Arteaga  was  an  intern  in  Law  firms and  government  entities,  gaining  experience  in  several fields of Law. After concluding his law degree, Mr. Arteaga joined VTZ and has been actively involved in antidumping investigations  and  NAFTA  binational  panel  reviews.  Mr. Arteaga frequently provides assistance to foreign law firms on   trade   remedy   investigations   as   well   as   non-tariff barriers   to   trade.   Mr.   Arteaga   has   also   represented successfully  individuals  and  companies  before  domestic courts, including the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice.


Spanish, English, French


Academic Degrees
LL.M. with cum laude distinction, in Globalization and Law, specialization  in  International  Trade  and  Investment  Law, Maastricht University, The Netherlands (2015)

LL.B., Instituto  Tecnológico  de  Estudios  Superiores  de Monterrey (ITESM), campus Monterrey (2012)

Additional Academic Experiences
Mexico in the international economic legal regime, Ricardo Ramírez (Appellate Body member of the WTO)  (2016)

International Exchange Program, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (2011)

Seminar on Contemporary Legal Theory and its Implications on the Judicial Control of the Constitution and International Conventions, Administrative & Tax Federal Tribunal (2014)

Seminar on International Trade and Customs Law, Grupo Maerker S.C. (2013)

Seminar on Human Rights, ITESM and the Human Right Commission of the State of Nuevo León (2010)


• Phi Delta Phi, García Rendón Inn (2011)
• Former  Mexican  delegate  at  the  Y20  Puebla  Summit (2011)
• International Bar Association

News and Publications


Mr. Arteaga wins a scholarship from the (IBA) to attend to (IBA)’s Annual Conference 2016 in Washington D.C. (July, 2016)

Mr. Arteaga was interviewed by The Economist. (June 25, 2016)

Mr. Arteaga attends WTOLATAM (December, 2015)


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Emilio   Arteaga   Vázquez   and   Emilio   Arteaga, ‘ Mexico’, The Energy Overhaul’s Effects on Mexico’s NAFTA Reservations Concerning Investments in the Oil Sector. in Latin American Journal of International Trade Law , Vol. 4(2)

Adrián Vázquez and Emilio Arteaga, ‘ Mexico’, The International Trade Law Review, No.3, 2015

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