Maria Clara Lozano, Abogada Colombiana, Comercio Internacional, Competencia, Libre Comercio, VTZ

Maria Clara Lozano Ortiz de Zárate

Local Partner | Lawyer | Bogota, Colombia

Practice Area: International Trade and Customs | Anti-trust | Colombia

Maria Clara Lozano Ortiz de Zarate is a Colombian-Spanish Lawyer with over 25 years of legal experience, specializing in European economic integration and international trade. While in Public Office, Ms. Lozano received training at the World Trade Organization.  

Our partner has been in private legal practice for 18 years, and she currently provides legal services relating to Colombian antitrust law and international trade law in her law office, VTZ Colombia.

Maria Clara Lozano | International Trade and Antitrust Colombian Lawyer

With 27 years of experience in antitrust law and international trade, Ms. Lozano has held various public positions, including directing the Colombian Authority in charge of trade remedies investigations regarding dumping, subsidies, and safeguards.

Private Legal Practice

In her private practice, Ms. Lozano was a partner in several prestigious national-Colombian law firms. She was also director of practice areas in said firms, such as antitrust and international trade law.


In addition to her professional activities, Maria Clara Lozano served as director of Competition and International Trade Law Master at the Javeriana University and Professor of Antitrust or International Trade Law at multiple universities, such as Javeriana, Externado, Sabana, Andes, Rosario, National, and Andean of Ecuador.

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