Panasonic and USMCA : Rapid Response Labor Mechanism

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Panasonic and USMCA : The Rapid Response Labor Mechanism A new dispute involving Panasonic and USMCA. On May 18, 2022, the United States —through the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)— requested Mexico to review whether a denial of free association and collective bargaining rights is occurring at Panasonic Automotive Systems de México […]

Labor Mechanism against Teksid

The U.S. government activated USMCA’s Rapid Response Labor Mechanism against Teksid due to a Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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Strengthening the Semiconductor Supply Chain in Mexico As a result of the September 2021 Washington work tour, on 20 April 2022, Tatiana Clouthier, head of the Ministry of Economy, and Santiago Cardona, general director of Intel Mexico, signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain in Mexico.  #Comunicado | La @SE_mx e @intel_la […]

Constitutional Energy and Mining Law Amendment – Implications for United States 

Constitutional Energy and Mining Law Amendment Implications for United States

Constitutional Energy Amendment and Mining Law amendment – Implications for the United States  By not getting the necessary votes for a constitutional amendment, the Chamber of Deputies stopped and rejected the initiative of constitutional amendment in electricity matters of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on April 17, 2022. The purpose of this constitutional amendment initiative was to drastically limit the participation […]

USMCA Panel on Rules of Origin

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USMCA Panel on the Application and Interpretation of the Rules of Origin in the Automotive Sector On March 22, 2022, Mexico, Canada and the United States selected the members of the Panel that will resolve the dispute over the application and interpretation of certain provisions related to the rules of origin in the automotive sector, […]

Panel T-MEC en reglas de origen

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Panel T–MEC sobre la Aplicación e Interpretación de las Reglas de Origen en el Sector Automotriz El 22 de marzo de 2022, México, Canadá y Estados Unidos eligieron los miembros que integrarán el Panel que resolverá la controversia sobre la aplicación e interpretación sobre ciertas disposiciones relativas a las reglas de origen en el sector […]

Forced Labor Imports in Mexico

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In our newsletter, USTR’s strategy against forced labor imports, and the Mexican government seeks to reduce the trade deficit, and more!

US and Mexico Trade

US and Mexico Trade Torres Trade Advisory and VTZ Join Forces to Help U.S. and Mexican Companies Navigate Trade and Regulatory Compliance WASHINGTON, D.C., & MEXICO CITY, January 20, 2022 – Torres Trade Advisory, LLC[1] (“TTA”), a business advisory firm, and Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda (“VTZ”), Mexico’s leading international trade law firm, are joining forces […]

The AMLO – Biden Summit

The AMLO-Biden Summit, VTZ, Trade, North America, China

The AMLO- Biden Summit On November 18, 2021, the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada met at the IX North American Leaders’ Summit. This summit was held after having been canceled for about 4 years, a period under the tenure of former U.S. President Donald Trump.  The meeting addressed issues such as migration, climate […]

USMBA Annual Conference

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Our Jr. Partner, Emilio Arteaga, will participate in the panel USMCA: Its not Just about Customs in the USMBA annual conference.