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Legal Writing in English at the Tec de Monterrey

The International Legal Honor Society of Phi Delta Phi, chapter García Rendón, invited Jr. Partner, Emilio Arteaga, to give a lecture about “legal writing and redaction skills” in the seminar “English for Modern Lawyers”. The lecture will take place on Saturday 21 May 2022, at the facilities of the Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey.  

“Legal writing skills are crucial to excel in the legal profession. Lawyers frequently take for granted that they have excellent written communication skills because they use fancy words and long sentences. However, it is quite the opposite as people struggle frequently to understand lawyers, courts or authorities.” 
Emilio Arteaga Vazquez, VTZ, Abogado, Comercio Internacional,
Emilio Arteaga
Jr. Partner

Legal Writing Skills

Throughout the lecture, Mr. Arteaga will share how his previous academic and professional experiences shaped his legal writing and style. Besides providing useful tips and lessons, the course will include a practical and modern legal problem so that students can learn from their mistakes as well as apply what they will learn. 

Phi Delta Phi, International Legal Society

Phi Delta Phi is an international legal society with a presence in several countries, including Mexico, that gathers students and alumni to promote legal excellence and ethics. Phi Delta Phi’s reputation as an organization devoted to legal excellence has spread worldwide, with many successful chapters in North America, Central America, and Europe. Chapter García Rendón is the student association of Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, to which Mr. Arteaga was admitted as a member in 2011when studying for his bachelor’s degree.  

The Excercise

Ley General de Control de Tabaco.

  • see artículo 16, fracción IV.

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