New Mexican Home Office Regulation

New Mexican Home Office. Know the new regulation that rules safety and health conditions. The employer must provide the supplies, etc.

Forced Labor Imports in Mexico

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In our newsletter, USTR’s strategy against forced labor imports, and the Mexican government seeks to reduce the trade deficit, and more!

Doing Business in Mexico: A Guide

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In line with our objectives, VTZ Law Firm has developed a Doing Business in Mexico Guide with a strong focus on foreign investment in manufacturing activities. It is our goal as trusted advisors and business facilitators to guide foreign investors, providing insights in a concise manner. Why Doing Business in Mexico? Before the coronavirus outbreak, […]

Labor and Migration in Mexico

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Our seventh chapter of Doing Business in Mexico, Labor and Migration in Mexico, will provide a general overview of the relevant labor law provisions on employment, from worker rights, dismissals to unions and collective bargaining, including a brief summary regarding the USMCA, the rapid response mechanism, as well as information on migration. This Chapter includes the […]

USMCA Hotline and more | The Trading Room

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USMCA Hotline for Labor Complaints   On Monday, August 3, the United States Embassy in Mexico published, on its Twitter account, the «USMCA Hotline», which is a platform to receive complaints or information on labor matters. This should not come as a surprise because it was foreseen in article 717 of the USMCA Implementation Act.   El […]

USMCA Labor Disputes | The Trading Room

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In our Trading Room economic newsletter, we address Robert Lighthizer’s appearance before the U.S. Senate to share the 2020 Trade Policy Agenda, where he commented on possible USMCA Labor Disputes and the use of the rapid response labor mechanism as well as WTO actions; we also address the selection process for the WTO Director-General.   Future Labor Disputes in […]