Doing Business in Mexico, English

Why Invest in Mexico?

24 Aug , 2020  

Invest in Mexico, Doing Business in Mexico 2020, Mexican Law Firm, Guide, Foreign Investment Guide, Doing Business Ranking

Our first chapter of Doing Business in Mexico, Why Invest in Mexico?, will serve as an introduction providing a general overview of the current economic and business environment. VTZ Law Firm analyzes Mexico’s doing business rankings and economic indicators –positive and negative– from the World Bank and the World Economic Forum. Also, we summarize trade […]

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Doing Business in Mexico, English

Foreign Investment in Mexico: A Guide For Foreigners

24 Aug , 2020  

Foreign Investment in Mexico, Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, Mexican Lawyers, how to do business

Our second chapter of Doing Business in Mexico, Foreign Investment, will provide a general overview of the rules and restrictions on foreign capital in Mexico. This chapter includes the following sections: Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico in Numbers General Context of Foreign Investment Law in Mexico Prohibited Economic Sectors Economic Sectors with Restrictions Foreign Investment […]

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New Approach to Mexico Investment Promotion Policy

31 Jul , 2020  

The Decoupling of the Global Economy and its Implications for Mexico: A New Investment Promotion Policy is Needed  (PDF) The discourse about the trade war between China and the United States has intensified in recent months not only as an electoral strategy but rather it has extended also into other fronts damaging the bilateral relationship. […]

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Tax Obligations for Foreign Shareholders in Mexico

11 May , 2020  

Shareholders of Mexican company, Registration in Federal Taxpayer Registry

Registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registry – Foreign Shareholders PDF Version In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Tax Code, the shareholders of Mexican companies are required to: Request registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registry. Provide the information related to identity, address, tax situation, as well as to indicate an email and telephone number. Request […]

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UNCTAD analyzes USA-China trade war, Mexico & WTO Reform and more – The Trading Room

8 Nov , 2019  

The Trading Room (Download the PDF version: here) Mexico benefiting from the trade diversion from US-China Trade war: UNCTAD The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) submitted a paper entitled “Trade and trade diversion effects of United States tariffs on China.” The paper presents interesting facts or findings regarding the US-China trade war, […]

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New Agreement on the tomato & Curb to the Chinese investment in Mexico – The Trading Room

24 May , 2019  

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20190524) NEW AGREEMENT ON THE TOMATE? This Wednesday, associations of tomato producers and exporters submitted to the Department of Commerce a new undertaking proposal to avoid antidumping duties. Provisional antidumping duties were imposed as of May, 7.  The Underminister of International Trade, Luz María de […]

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Our Associate Published in an IBA Newsletter

3 Nov , 2017  

Before attending the IBA’s annual conference, our associate, Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, appeared in the IBA’s Young Lawyers Newsletter this September. The Young Lawyers Committee selected his essay concerning the logic of foreign investment reviews, which he submitted last year for the IBA scholarship of the Antitrust and Trade Section. The first paragraph of his essay is as […]

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