New VTZ members

New VTZ Members, Ivan Szymanski , Miguel Angel Martinez, Julian Luna

With our new VTZ Members, Ivan Szymanski, Miguel Angel Martinez, and Julian Luna, we proudly unveil the establishment of our Competition and Compliance Practice.

International Trade in Mexico

Our third chapter of Doing Business in Mexico, International Trade, will provide a general overview of ton Mexican International Trade Policy considering international context, as well as customs aspects. This chapter includes the following sections: Mexican International Trade Policy and Customs Tariff Policy MFN Tariffs or Duties Preferential Tariffs in Free Trade Agreements CPTPP USMCA […]

Army Forces in Charge of Customs in Mexico? – The Trading Room

Mexican Economic Newsletter, International Trade News in Mexico

Issues at Mexican Customs and Ports? Customs is a source of concern for the current administration, which has had three customs directors so far. On Monday, the President recognized that his administration has not been able to control corruption at customs. According to his statements, synthetic drugs are entering through the port of Manzanillo, Mexico’s most […]