Javier Barba

Associate | Puebla

Javier Barba is one of our lawyers specialized in Customs and International Trade Law.

Practice areas: Customs law and International Trade.

Javier Barba | Associate

Our associate has extensive experience in administrative litigation and import/export litigation and procedures related to the import and export of goods.

Professional experience.

Our associate has collaborated with several national and international firms, supporting various importing and exporting companies in the following areas:

·       Federal and state administrative litigation (Revocation Appeals, Nullity Claims, among others).

·       Amparo action.

·       International administrative litigation proceedings (Antidumping proceedings, among others).

·       Foreign trade audits.

·       Carrying out various procedures before the Ministry of Economy (Importers' Register, IMMEX, PROSEC, labelling,

import quotas, among others).

·       Procedures before the Tax Administration Service (Certification of companies to credit VAT and IEPS, VAT and IEPS bond, IMMEX inventories, among others).

·       Customs formalities and procedures (consultations, PAMA, PAMITAS).

·       Trademark registration procedures before the IMPI.

·       Administrative or contentious procedures and formalities with various federal, state, and municipal authorities, related to import and export issues.

Practice area



Law Bachelor's Degree by Facultad de Derecho of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México