Gilberto Mejía Escorza

Gilberto Mejía, Abogado, Comercio Internacional, Comercio Exterior

Gilberto Mejía Escorza Associate | Mexico City gilberto[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Gilberto Mejía Escorza Practice areas: International Trade & Customs Gilberto Mejía Escorza | Associate Gilberto Mejía has been part of the VTZ team in Mexico City since May 2022. In addition, he has represented the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in international […]

Olga Torres, US Lawyer

Olga Torres President of Torres Trade Advisory | Dallas, USA olga[@] +1 214 295 8473 Olga Torres Ms. Torres is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C., the State of Texas, Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Court of International Trade. Olga Torres | President of Torres Trade Advisory Olga Torres is the Founder and Managing Member […]

Karla Arreola – VTZ Lawyer

Karla Arreola Associate | CDMX mkarla[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Karla Arreola Practice areas: International Trade & Customs Karla Arreola | Associate Our young intern joined VTZ in 2021. She studied law at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Experience of Karla Arreola International Trade Karla Arreola worked as an intern at a boutique […]

Maria Clara Lozano Colombian Lawyer

Maria Clara Lozano Ortiz de Zárate Local Partner | Lawyer | Bogota, Colombia mclozano[@] +57-1256 7185 Maria Clara Lozano Practice Area: International Trade and Customs | Anti-trust | Colombia Maria Clara Lozano Ortiz de Zarate is a Colombian-Spanish Lawyer with over 25 years of legal experience, specializing in European economic integration and international trade. While […]

Eira Zepeda Lawyer

Eira Zepeda Rivera Associate | Guadalajara eira[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Eira Zepeda Rivera Practice Areas: International Trade and Customs | IMMEX Experiencia de Eira Zepeda Eira Zepeda joins the international trade practice team in the Guadalajara office; our associate has experience in corporate and real estate law. IMMEX and Supply Chains Currently, Eira Zepeda […]

Adrian Vazquez

Adrian Vazquez advogados mexicanos

Adrian Vazquez Managing Partner | Mexico City +52 55 5534 3636 Adrian Vazquez Practice areas : International Trade & Customs | Brazil Desk «He’s an expert in international law and is bright and experienced in this field…He’s always sharp and has been in the field for a long time with a steady practice.» Chambers […]

Alejandro Martínez Rivera

Alejandro Martinez, VTZ, Abogado, Comercio Exterior, Aduanero, IMMEX, Litigio Fiscal

Alejandro Martínez Rivera Jr. Partner | Guadalajara alejandro[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Alejandro Martínez Rivera Practice areas : International Trade and Customs | IMMEX | Dispute settlement Mr. Martinez is a trade, customs, and tax lawyer, specializing in IMMEX matters. Experience of Alejandro Martínez Rivera Alejandro Martinez began his legal practice working at the Federal […]

Andrés Montes González

Andres Montes, VTZ

Andrés Montes González Asociate | Guadalajara andres[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Andrés Montes González Practice areas : International Trade and Customs | Tax | Dispute Settlement Lawyer in the city of Guadalajara, where he is actively involved in the practice of consulting and litigation of tax and customs. Experience of Andrés Montes Gonzalez Since the […]

Diana Arley Illescas

Diana Arley VTZ

Diana Arley Illescas Of Counsel | Mexico City diana[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Diana Arley Practice areas : International Trade and Customs Diana Arley Illescas is a specialized attorney in international trade. Experience of Diana Arley Ms. Diana Arley Illescas has more than 15 years of experience in representing companies in trade remedy investigations as […]

Dora Luz Galindo

Dora Luz Galindo, VTZ abogados, Abogada, Comercio Internacional, Logistica

Dora Luz Galindo Local Partner | Puebla doraluz[@] +52 55 5534 3636 Dora Luz Galindo Practice areas : International Trade & Customs | IMMEX | Business Law Dora Luz Galindo is a Mexican Lawyer specialized in International Trade and Customs Law, she currently heads VTZ’s office in Puebla. She has an ample experience in matters […]