Jorge Montes

Jorge Montes Sánchez

Partner | Guadalajara

Practice area : Tax

Jorge Montes | Head of the Tax practice

Jorge Montes Sánchez is a member of the tax practice, and he is responsible for the area of auditing and verification of compliance concerning tax obligations.


Jorge Montes advises companies with domestic and foreign capital to optimize their tax burden by analyzing the tax consequences arising from their commercial operations. Mr. Montes also advises and assists companies by restructuring their corporate structure in order to improve their resources. He also advises shareholders in numerous matters, such as acquiring shares in other companies, sale of shares, repayment of capital, dividends.

Tax: Companies and Legal Entities

Our partner has the following objectives for its clients: a) to optimize the tax burden through a detailed analysis of their operations and the tax provisions applicable to them; b) to make their administrative resources more efficient by means of corporate restructuring through mergers, spin-offs and liquidations of companies.

Tax: Partners and Shareholders

Likewise, he advises the partners of the companies, Mexican or foreign, when they need to invest their resources by acquiring shares of other companies or when they need to capitalize the resources previously invested, either through the sale of shares, reimbursement of capital or obtaining dividends.

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Public Accountant specialized in taxation, Universidad de Guadalajara (1997)