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Mexican Economic Newsletter

22 Nov , 2019  

Newsletter The Trading Room: Special Economic Zones and USMCA (Download in PDF: Trading Room -221112019) Special Economic Zones Officially End On Tuesday, the Decree that repeals the Declarations of all Special Economic Zones (“ZEEs”) was published in the evening edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation.   According to the Decree, one of the main […]

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Overhaul to Food Product Labeling & USMCA for November or 2020? – TRADING ROOM

11 Oct , 2019  

Food and Beverage Labeling in mexico, reform, USMCA, Tumka, labor reform in Mexico, enforcement

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room) Overhaul to Food Product Labeling As we reported in our Alert, on October 1 the Chamber of Deputies approved the reform to the General Health Law to regulate the frontal warning labeling on food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Senate has yet to approve such reform. In […]

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15° Foro de Comercio Exterior 2019

24 Sep , 2019  

El pasado 19 de septiembre se llevó a cabo el 15° Foro de Comercio Exterior 2019  organizado por  Index Mamotoros y el Cómite de Comercio Exterior. En este evento, nuestro socio Eduardo Zepeda, impartió la conferencia “Mejores prácticas en la era de la 4T para atender actos de fiscalización en Comercio Exterior“, donde expuso algunas […]

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Trading Room – Trump Threats the WTO and Best Lawyers Interviews Adrian Vazquez

16 Aug , 2019  

Trump Threats WTO members and Best Lawyers interviews Adrian Vázquez, Trade, Customs, Mexican Lawyers

The Trading Room (Download our PDF version of our newsletter: Trading Room) Trump Threats Again WTO Members This Tuesday US President Trump “threaten” to pull out of the WTO and called again on the WTO reform regarding the “developing-country” status during a rally in Pennsylvania. The context of the “threat” was done when President Trump mentioned […]

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Best Lawyers Interviews Adrian Vázquez

14 Aug , 2019  

Best Lawyers, 2019 Law Firm of the Year, Mexico, Adrian Vázquez, Trade Law Firm in Mexico

Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda – Mexico’s 2019 “Law Firm of the Year” As previously announced, the guide Best Lawyers considered  Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda as the 2019 Trade Law Firm. As a result of such great honor, Best Lawyers interviewed our managing partner, Adrian Vázquez, to have a legal insight regarding trade developments in Mexico. “Moving with the World” Best Lawyers […]

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Resultados de la visita de los Representantes de EE.UU. & El Acuerdo Migratorio -THE TRADING ROOM

26 Jul , 2019  

The Trading Room (For English click the following link: Trading Room) Resultados de la visita de los Representantes de EE.UU. La delegación de representantes del Congreso de los EE. UU. visitó a las autoridades mexicanas el viernes pasado para discutir temas sobre el TMEC. Después de las reuniones hubo una conferencia de prensa en la tarde. […]

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Migration and USMCA – The Trading Room

14 Jun , 2019  

Migration, Mexico and USA, International Trade and Tariffs, USMCA Ratification

The Trading Room (Download the PDF version: Trading Room -20190614 Migration Pact stops Tariffs Friday afternoon, Mexico and the US agreed on the migration crisis, an agreement that prevents, at least temporarily, the establishment of tariffs against products from Mexico. We highlight the following from the joint declaration and the press: Mexico comprises to send […]

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One step away from the ratification of USMCA, Trump announced tariffs to Mexican products & More… – The Trading Room

31 May , 2019  

One step away from USMCA, Trump Announces Mexican Products Tariff, Reduction of Economy Staff in the delegations

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20193105) One step away from USMCA This week the process of ratifying USMCA began in the three countries. In the US, the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, submitted yesterday to the House of Representatives a draft of Statement of Administrative Action (SSA), which contains the laws that […]

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Trade Alert: End of Mexican Countermeasures Against US Products

20 May , 2019  

Elimination of Mexico Countermeasures against US Products, 232 measures

End of Mexican Countermeasures Against US Products (Download the PDF version: Trade Alert – 20052019) Last Friday a joint statement by the US and Mexico was issued regarding the elimination of the so-called Section 232 tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum. On Sunday 19th, the US President issued a Proclamation that eliminated the 232 measures applicable […]

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Goodbye SEZ and Road to USMCA: Trading Room

26 Apr , 2019  

Zonas Económicas Especiales, Itsmo, Zona Libre, Abogados, Comercio Exterior, TMEC, Senado, Ratificación

The Trading Room (download our newsletter in PDF here: Trading Room -20190426) Goodbye SEZs This Thursday in his morning press conference, Mexican President, AMLO, declared that the Special Economic Zone policy will disappear. According to his statements: “[SEZ] were supposedly going to help, but they never did anything to help. The business was made, the land […]

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