One step away from the ratification of USMCA, Trump announced tariffs to Mexican products & More… – The Trading Room

31 May , 2019  

One step away from USMCA, Trump Announces Mexican Products Tariff, Reduction of Economy Staff in the delegations

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20193105) One step away from USMCA This week the process of ratifying USMCA began in the three countries. In the US, the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, submitted yesterday to the House of Representatives a draft of Statement of Administrative Action (SSA), which contains the laws that […]

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VTZ TRADING ROOM- 15/06/2018

15 Jun , 2018  

This week on the Trading Room: WTO & Trade War USA vs. China North Korea / Iran Esta semana en “Trading Room”: OMC y la Guerra Comercial EEUU vs. China Corea del Norte / Irán Trading Room -2018.06.15

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