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USMCA Hotline and more | The Trading Room

14 Aug , 2020  

Mexican Economic Newsletter, International Trade News in Mexico

USMCA Hotline for Labor Complaints   On Monday, August 3, the United States Embassy in Mexico published, on its Twitter account, the “USMCA Hotline”, which is a platform to receive complaints or information on labor matters. This should not come as a surprise because it was foreseen in article 717 of the USMCA Implementation Act.   El […]

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TRADE ALERT: Amendments to the Tariff of the Law on General Import and Export Taxes

25 Sep , 2019  

On September 20, 2019, the “Decree that modifies the Tariff of the Law of General Import and Export Taxes, the Decree establishing the general import tax for the border region and the northern border strip, the Decree establishing various Sector Promotion Programs, and the Decree for the Promotion of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services […]

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Tariffs Against Mexican on Monday? – The Trading Room

7 Jun , 2019  

Newsletter Tariffs Against Mexico, TRUMP, USCMA

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in Trading Room -20190607) Will Trump Halt the Tariff Increase Against Mexico? The US and the Mexican government have not reached an agreement regarding the migration crisis. Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Ebrard, claimed that both countries are willing to find a solution. According to a statement made by […]

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Trade Alert: End of Mexican Countermeasures Against US Products

20 May , 2019  

Elimination of Mexico Countermeasures against US Products, 232 measures

End of Mexican Countermeasures Against US Products (Download the PDF version: Trade Alert – 20052019) Last Friday a joint statement by the US and Mexico was issued regarding the elimination of the so-called Section 232 tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum. On Sunday 19th, the US President issued a Proclamation that eliminated the 232 measures applicable […]

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10 May , 2019  

Antidumping duties, Suspension Agreement Tomatoe, New tariffs, USA's products

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20190510) Mexican Tomato & AD This Tuesday the Ministry of Economy issued a public statement regretting the decision of the Department of Commerce (DOC) regarding the termination of the Tomato Suspension Agreement, which was agreed by Mexican Exporters and renewed for the last time in 2013. […]

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Tariff Reduction: Steel and Textiles – Trading Room

15 Feb , 2019  

Trading Room No More Steel “Safeguards” In several news outlets, it was reported that the Ministry of Economy will not renew the temporary raise of MFN Steel tariffs, 15% ad valorem, for 186 steel tariff items, which had been extended in several occasions since they were first implemented in 2015 due to the global overcapacity […]

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WTO Report on G20 and 232 Measures Under Review

23 Nov , 2018  

This week on the Trading Room: WTO Report on G20 The WTO issued its 20th monitoring report on the G20 trade measures (from mid-May to mid-October 2018) finding that the introduction of trade restrictive measures have hit a new high, unsurprisingly. We highlight the following:…See More 232 Measures under WTO Review On November 21st, the […]

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Mexico strikes back: Countermeasures

5 Jun , 2018  

Secretaría de Economía, Precios estimados, Subvaluación, sectores calzado, textil y confección, Secretaría de Bienestar, Zona Económica Especial, NOM-051, Información comercial y sanitaria, Etiquetado, alimentos y bebidas no alcohólicas preenvasados, Tratado de Libre Comercio, México, Panamá, Certificado de origen, Devolución de aranceles, Instructivo de llenado, COVID-19, Plazos, Términos,Prácticas desleales de comercio internacional, UPCI, Dirección General de Facilitación Comercial y de Comercio Exterior (DGFCCE), certificados de elegibilidad para bienes textiles y prendas de vestir (TPL) y certificados de cupo, SNICE, Colombia, bienes textiles y del vestido, IMPI, Alianza del Pacífico, Cosméticos, Eliminación de Obstáculos Técnicos al Comercio, Emergencia Sanitaria, Actividades esenciales, Investigación antidumping

Today, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, issued two Decrees that adopted countermeasures against the United States (US) as a result of the US tariffs applied to aluminum and steel imports from Mexico. Most Mexican countermeasures come into effect today. Mexico has adopted a strong position against the US, selecting a wide range of […]

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VTZ TRADING ROOM- 04/05/2018

4 May , 2018  

This week on the Trading Room: Text of EU – MEX FTA 2.0 Released US Tariffs to Steel and Aluminum ¿30 Days to NAFTA 2.0? Esta semana en “Trading Room”: TLCUEM 2.0: Texto disponible Aranceles al Acero y Aluminio de EEUU ¿30 Días para TLCAN 2.0?                       […]

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