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USMCA Labor Disputes | The Trading Room

19 Jun , 2020  

USMCA Labor Disputes, WTO, Webinar, VTZ, Trade Lawyers, Mexico

In our Trading Room economic newsletter, we address Robert Lighthizer’s appearance before the U.S. Senate to share the 2020 Trade Policy Agenda, where he commented on possible USMCA Labor Disputes and the use of the rapid response labor mechanism as well as WTO actions; we also address the selection process for the WTO Director-General.   Future Labor Disputes in […]

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Futuras Controversias Laborales TMEC | The Trading Room

19 Jun , 2020  

Trading Room, OMC, Controversias Laborales, TMEC

En nuestro boletín de noticias económicas Trading Room, abordamos la comparecencia de Robert Lighthizer ante el Senado para exponer la Agenda Política Comercial 2020, en donde comenta sobre el uso del mecanismo laboral de respuesta rápida y acciones OMC; también abordamos el proceso de selección del Director General de la OMC. Futuras Controversias Laborales en Agenda Política Comercial […]

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USMCA developments and Mexico-China Business Forum – The Trading Room

20 Dec , 2019  

USMCA, Labor Attachés, Labor Law enforcement, Rapid Response Mechanism,

USMCA in a Week A few days after the protocol amending USMCA was signed, a new controversy arose between Mexico and the USA at the weekend due to USMCA’s implementing act in the USA.  In essence, Mexican negotiator, Jesus Seade, wrote a letter stating that Mexico considered that the legislation went “beyond” the protocol since […]

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Mexico and China & Habemus Tomato Agreement – The Trading Room

23 Aug , 2019  

China and Mexico, Investment and Trade, Tomato Suspension Agreement

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20190823) Mexico and China: Trade & Investment In an interview, the Underminister of North American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jesus Seade, commented on China and its “trade war” with the USA. According to the news outlet, Mr. Seade commented that Mexico has to […]

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