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New Antidumping Investigation – Aluminum Discs from China

9 Aug , 2019  

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Mexican Antidumping Investigation on Aluminum Discs from China

Today, the Mexican Ministry of Economy published in the Official Gazette the notice of the antidumping investigation on aluminum discs from China.  Below, please find relevant information on the antidumping investigation:

  1. Petitioner: Almexa Aluminio, S.A. de C.V.
  2. General Product Description: Discs with an aluminum content equal or superior to 97%, diameter equal or superior to 100mm and maximum 1,100 mm, produced with aluminum alloys corresponding to the series 1000 and 3000 (“aluminum discs”); the scope does not include anodized aluminum discs nor those produced under the 5000 series.
  3. Tariff Items (MHTS): 7616.99.10
  4. Period of Dumping Investigation: January 1st, 2018, to December 31st,2018.
  5. Period of Injury Analysis: January 1st, 2016, to December 31st, 2018.
  6. Normal Value: The Ministry resorted to the surrogate country methodology.
  7. Surrogate Country: USA
  8. Date to Submit the Questionnaire: September 19, 2019

Please contact us if you need additional information at adrian[@]vtz.mx, emilio[@]vtz.mx, vero[@]vtz.mx, mariana[@]vtz.mx or  mariana.rivera[@]vtz.mx.


Download the Notice of Initiation in this link (in Spanish): Resolución de Inicio Investigacion Antidumping Discos de Aluminio


See Named Exporters:


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Antidumping in Mexico – An Overview of 2018

2 Jan , 2019  

Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, Trade Remedies in Mexico, Antidumping in Mexico, Trade Lawyer in Mexico

Antidumping in Mexico

Our associate, Emilio Arteaga, reviews Mexico’s trade remedy system, in particular, antidumping duties, as well as trade developments in 2018.

An overview of Trade Remedies in 2018

In the video, our associate provides historic figures regarding investigations, antidumping duties, protected industries, and targeted countries. Also, our associate reviews Mexico’s practice regarding whether China qualifies as a Market Economy or Non-Market Economy in antidumping proceedings is addressed.



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International Trade Law Review: Mexico

17 Oct , 2017  

Our partner, Adrian B. Vázquez, and associate, Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, published an article in the 3rd edition of the International Trade Law Review. In this new edition, the authors analyze the new developments in the field of trade remedy law, such as China’s market-economy status, as well as the renegotiation of NAFTA and the Trump effect.

To access the article, please click the following link: Mexico – ITLR


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