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VTZ in the Day of China

14 Jan , 2020  

Inversión china en México, intercambio comercial México-China, EEUU, Canadá y China, Día de China en la Secretaría de Economía, oportunidades de negocio México-China

Mexico’s second trading partner: China

Yesterday, the 13th of January,  the Ministry of Economy organized the “Day of China”, where the Minister, Graciela Marquéz, said that Mexico is a fertile ground for the Asian giant’s capital. The Minister of Economy commented that the Mexican government seeks to increase exports to China, since “it is probably the most attractive market in the world.”Inversión china en México, intercambio comercial México-China, China, Día de China en la Secretaría de Economía, oportunidades de negocio México-China, inversión,

The Chinese ambassador to Mexico, Zhu Qingqiao, also attended to the event and gave a speech about the relevance and role of China in the world economy, noting that “in the last 5 years China’s average contribution to economic growth world is over 30%. Currently, the Chinese economy is moving from accelerated growth to a much better quality. ”

The Mexican ambassador to China, José Luis Bernal, said that before the end of the year one of the large Chinese automotive companies will establish a production plant in our country. The Mexican ambassador to China stressed that the automotive company will join two other companies that seek to have a commercial presence in Mexico, a company that also manufacture electric cars.

Chinese Desk in Mexico – VTZ

Chinese Desk, Inversión china en México, intercambio comercial México-China, China, Día de China en la Secretaría de Economía, oportunidades de negocio México-China, Susana Muñoz, Chinese Desk de VTZ, industria automotriz, maquiladora, Adrian Vazquez, Dora Luz, Emilio Arteaga Vazquez, Mariana Rivera

Dora Luz, Adrian Vazquez, Mariana Rivera, Emilio Arteaga

VTZ participated in the “China Day”, where it promoted its Chinese Desk among the Chinese business sector, a project that seeks to be the contact point for Chinese individuals and companies that seek to do business in Mexico. We prepared a presentation that was delivered to the Minister of Economy and the Ambassador of China in Mexico:

Chinese Desk,Inversión china en México, intercambio comercial México-China, EEUU, Canadá y China, Día de China en la Secretaría de Economía, oportunidades de negocio México-China, Susana Muñoz encabeza el Chinese Desk de VTZ, inversión china en la industria automotriz


Chinese Desk,Inversión china en México, intercambio comercial México-China, EEUU, Canadá y China, Día de China en la Secretaría de Economía, oportunidades de negocio México-China, Susana Muñoz encabeza el Chinese Desk de VTZ, inversión china en la industria automotriz

Our Chinese Desk is directed by Susana Muñoz, who will be our main contact with businesses in China and Asia. Ms. Muñoz is based in Hong Kong and has extensive experience in business opportunities, trade, investment promotion, product development, and economic and market research in Mexico and China.

In addition, Karla Loyo collaborates in our Chinese Desk. Ms. Loyo has worked in government agencies, such as the Mexico-China Chamber of Commerce and Technology, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, among others. This project is also supported by our managing partner, Adrián Vázquez, and junior partner, Emilio Arteaga, as well as all the team of VTZ.

VTZ thanks the Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology, A.C. (COMCE) for providing a space to promote our Chinese Desk.

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New Antidumping Investigation: Hydraulic Jacks Bottle type from China

1 Nov , 2019  

Mexican Antidumping Investigation Hydraulic Jacks from China, Mexico, Trade Lawyers

Antidumping Investigation on Hydraulic Jacks bottle type from China

(Download our alert in PDF here)

Today, the Mexican Ministry of Economy published in the Official Gazette the notice of the antidumping investigation on Hydraulic Jacks bottle type from China. Below, please find relevant information on the antidumping investigation:

  1. Petitioner: Industrias Tamer, S.A. de C.V.
  2. General Product Description: GHB with a built-in pump with 1.5 to 20 tons load capacity, commercially known as Hydraulic Jacks bottle type.
  3. Tariff Item (MHTS): 42.02
  4. Period of Dumping Investigation: April 1st, 2018, to March 31, 2019.
  5. Period of Injury Analysis: April 1st, 2016, to March 31, 2019.
  6. Normal Value: The Ministry used domestic prices in China.
  7. Date to Submit the Questionnaire: December 12, 2019
  8. Named Exporters:

Chinese Exporters

Changshu Tongrun Auto Accesory Co. Ltd.

New Long Teng Industrial Park Economic Development Zone

Zip Code 215500, Changshu, China


Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd.

Dongfang No. 738, Yu Un 804 y 807

Pudong, Shanghái, China


China Electronics Zhejiang Company

408 Wensan Road Hangzhou

Zip Code 310012, Zhejiang, China


China Faw Group Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Dongfeng Street No. 3025

Changchun, Jilin, China


Construction Materials Co. Ltd. / CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd.

Fl2, 1st, Nan Quan Bldg Pu Dian 138

Zip Code 200122, Shanghái, China


Dongguan Cheuk Kay Jewelry Machinery Co. Ltd.

Dashun Comunity Tiancheng No. 236

Shanda Road, Lixia District

Jinan, Shandong


Foton International, LLC.

Shayang Road Shahe Town

Changping District

Zip Code 102206, Beijing, China


Hangzhou Seanovo Power Machinery Co. Ltd.

Xinyan Road No. 26

Yuhang Economic Zone

Zip Code 311100, Hangzhou City, China


Hengshui Tianqin Import and Export Trade Co. Ltd.

Renmin Road No. 818 H Building

Hengshui City, Hebei, China


Honestools Industrial Company, Ltd.

B/16F Huaren International Building No. 2A

Shandong Road, Qingdao, China


Jiaxing Datong Machinery Co. Ltd.

South of Yuli Road, Yuxin Town

Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China


Jiaxing Shunguang Machanical Equipment Co. Ltd.

Mainland No. 21, Zhengbei Road

Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China


Kima Machinery Limited

Economic Development Zone, Linshu, Linyi

C.P. 27600, Shandong, China


Linyi Leading International Trading Co. Ltd.

Business Incubator Base, Room B407

Hedong District, Linyi, Shandong, China


L.K. Machinery International Limited

Unit A, 8/F, Mai Wah Ind. Building

1-7 Wah Sing Street

Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong, China


Ningbo Perfectfitmen Automotive, Co. Ltd.

7-B2, NO.138 Jiefang North Road

Zip Code 315000, Ningbo, China


Ningbo Ingbo Truepower Import & Export, Co. Ltd.

RM 2116, Pacific International Mansion

Mingzhou East Road S/N

Zhejiang, Province


Ningbo Ingbo Truepower Import & Export, Co. Ltd.

RM 2116, Pacific International Mansion

Mingzhou East Road S/N

Zhejiang, Province


Ningo Shimaotong International Co. Ltd.

12th Floor, GuTing Bldg.

Hefeng Creative Square

Jiangdong North Road No.495

Ningbo, China


Shanghai Harden Tools Co. Ltd.

115 Xiangjing Road

Songjiang 20611, Shanghai, China


Shijiazhuang Lingrui Automobile Trade Co. Ltd.

1-2-1819, Lemo Building, No. 18

Ping’an North Street, Chang’an District

Zip Code 050000, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Simputa Tools Co. Ltd.

Jindong Industrial Park, Jinhua

C.P. 321035, Zhejiang, China


Total Tools Co. Limited

Suzhou Industrial Park China


Triman Shipping Co. Ltd.

Centro Internacional Guanghao, Piso 27

Longhua, Guangdong, China


Winstar International Industries, Ltd.

Minghui Building, No.442, Room 506

Hami Road, Shanghai, China


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G20, Mexico-China, and Ministry of Economy- Trading Room

5 Jul , 2019  

newsletter, g20, Mexico-China, Ministry of Economy, Best Lawyers, VTZ

The Trading Room

(Download the PDF version of our newsletter: Trading Room)

G-20 Declaration: Global Economy

On June 28th and 29th, the G20 summit was held in Osaka, Japan, and the Mexican President did not attend. We highlight, of course, the following three trade topics that were addressed in the “Global Economy” section of the declaration. First, the leaders of the G20 recognized the importance to maintain a stable, non-discriminatory trade and investment environment. Second, the G20 reaffirmed, as in Buenos Aires 2018, their support to reform the WTO, and its dispute settlement system. Third, G20 calls for a consensus by fall 2019 regarding the Steel Excess Capacity which is being discussed in the OECD.


In addition, this summit served as a forum so that the US and China could discuss a solution towards the ongoing trade war. In fact, the US suspended an additional tariff raise on 300 billion USD Chinese imports; currently, the US measures (i.e. 25% tariff) affect 250 billion USD of Chinese imports.







Mexico-China Relation 

This Monday and Tuesday, Mexican Foreign Affair Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, and the State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, gathered to agree on a joint work plan for the next 5 years with the aim to strengthen the “Strategic Partnership”. The partnership was established in 2013 during the term of Peña Nieto.

This joint work plan aims to promote trade, mainly agricultural exports from Mexico, attract Chinese investment in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, electric mobility, e-commerce, among others. The plan also includes cooperation in education, science and technology, and cultural matters. 





Ministry of Economy’s Foreign Offices to Be Closed?

This Tuesday the Senate approved the Federal Austerity Law, which the Chamber of Deputies will shortly discuss and vote.


This in itself generates uncertainty because article 15 of said law prohibits foreign “delegations” (except those related to security) and that the Mexican State will be represented abroad only by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Law may have as a consequence the closure of the Ministry of Economy’s foreign offices, which are in charge of international trade topics and represent Mexico at international organizations, such as the WTO.


If the law is passed as such, experts are worried because the members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will absorb the tasks, and they lack experience in said topics. Will the members of the Ministry of Economy will be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?








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Mexico in WEF 2019 and Mexican Food Security: Trading Room

25 Jan , 2019  

Trading Room, Mexico in WEF, Seguridad Alimentaria Mexicana, Ministry of Economy

Trading Room

Mexico in WEF

From 22 to 25th of January the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held, and this year’s topic was “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Underminister of International Trade, Luz María de la Mora, attended WEF to inform the economic policies of the new government.

The Underminister mentioned that the policy is based on three pillars: innovation, inclusion, and diversificación. These “pillars” are yet to be explained clearly, which will most likely be addressed in the National Development Plan.

In an interview, the Underminister mentioned that the update of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union is still subject to a legal review of the text and it could be signed on April.

Regarding USMCA, she said that the government is expecting that it should be ratified this year notwithstanding the internal politics in the US and the measures against steel and aluminum products.





SAM: Saving Agri-food producers?

Last Friday a decentralized governmental body was created “Mexican Food Security” (SAM, acronym in Spanish), which has as a purpose to support the federal government with its agricultural policy.

The new president, AMLO, promised to “rescue” this sector, in particular, the small and medium producers of “basic” agricultural producers and milk. SAM’s numerous purposes are, among others, “coordinate the purchase” of said products at “support prices”, “promote the commercialization of excess production to foreign markets”, “sale and distribute fertilizers, improved seeds…”.

Some of SAM’s activities will likely classify as a “subsidy” pursuant WTO Law and, if international trade is distorted, countries can submit claims or initiate trade remedies measures like countervailing duties, as happened with the Mexican sugar in the USA.  



Download our Newsletter: Mexico in WEF and SAM – Trading Room


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