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COVID and USMCA and Mexico Relief Measures – The Trading Room

3 Apr , 2020  

COVID and USMCA entry into force, Mexican Measures, Health Emergency, International Trade

Download our newsletter in PDF in the following link: Trading Room  USMCA Status Since the Canadian Parliament approved USMCA in March, it was thought that USMCA would enter into force on June 1, 2020, as long as all parties formally notified that they had concluded their internal legislative procedures. On Monday, however, it was reported that […]

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ADRIÁN VÁZQUEZ, Árbitro y Mediador Registrado por FICM

15 Nov , 2019  

Federation of Integrated Conflict Management, FICM, Centro de Resolución de Controversias a nivel global. Arbitraje Comercial Internacional, Mediación, Adrián Vázquez, México, Best Lawyer, Arbitration, Arbitraje, Mediación, Mediation

Centro Para Disputas Comerciales: FICM Adrián Vázquez Benítez, Socio Director de VTZ, fue aceptado por el FICM (Federation of Integrated Conflict Management) para fungir como árbitro, mediador o negociador en disputas comerciales. El FICM es un consorcio global que cuenta con un sistema innovador en la gestión de conflictos y resolución de controversias en diversos sectores […]

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Reporte de Comercio Exterior Junio 2019

1 Jul , 2019  

Reglas Generales de Comercio Exterior para 2019, Cupos para exportar e importar vehículos automotores ligeros y cuotas compensatorias

En esta ocasión nuestro Reporte se refiere a los siguientes temas: Reglas Generales de Comercio Exterior para 2019 Cupo para exportar e importar vehículos automotores ligeros Cuotas compensatorias Descarga el reporte en PDF

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Migration and USMCA – The Trading Room

14 Jun , 2019  

Migration, Mexico and USA, International Trade and Tariffs, USMCA Ratification

The Trading Room (Download the PDF version: Trading Room -20190614 Migration Pact stops Tariffs Friday afternoon, Mexico and the US agreed on the migration crisis, an agreement that prevents, at least temporarily, the establishment of tariffs against products from Mexico. We highlight the following from the joint declaration and the press: Mexico comprises to send […]

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Reforma: VTZ, the Mexican Sherpa of International Trade

31 May , 2019  

International Trade Mexican Lawyers, Free Trade Agreements, Maquila, IMMEX, Reforma, Adrian Vázquez, Emilio Arteaga, Mejores Abogados

VTZ, the Mexican sherpa of International Trade. Today, 31st of May 2019, Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda appeared in the section of “Empresas” in the newspaper Reforma. In the report, it is noted that the current crisis and turbulence in international trade and the importance for companies to have specialized legal advisors on this subject. New […]

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One step away from the ratification of USMCA, Trump announced tariffs to Mexican products & More… – The Trading Room

31 May , 2019  

One step away from USMCA, Trump Announces Mexican Products Tariff, Reduction of Economy Staff in the delegations

The Trading Room (Download our newsletter in PDF: Trading Room -20193105) One step away from USMCA This week the process of ratifying USMCA began in the three countries. In the US, the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, submitted yesterday to the House of Representatives a draft of Statement of Administrative Action (SSA), which contains the laws that […]

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16 Apr , 2019  

Trade Alert, Antidumping Investigation, Wind Turbine Towers from China, Trade Lawyers

New Antidumping Investigation Today, the Mexican Ministry of Economy published in the Official Gazette the notice of the antidumping investigation on Wind Turbine Towers from China. Download our Trade Alert, which includes the list of exporters, in PDF: VTZ – Antidumping Notice Wind Towers from China Below, the relevant information on this antidumping investigation: Petitioner: Arcosa Industries […]

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8 Feb , 2019  

VTZ, Trading Room, Boletín, Tomate Mexicano, Azúcar Mexican, AMLO México Primero, TMEC

Trading Room AMLO “Mexico First” Last Monday the President, AMLO, held an event in Veracruz, an agricultural producing state. The President held that the government is going to review “the agreements made regarding the sale of sugar overseas and the permits that were given to use syrups from abroad” and concluded saying that “we want […]

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Antidumping in Mexico – An Overview of 2018

2 Jan , 2019  

Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, Trade Remedies in Mexico, Antidumping in Mexico, Trade Lawyer in Mexico

Antidumping in Mexico Our associate, Emilio Arteaga, reviews Mexico’s trade remedy system, in particular, antidumping duties, as well as trade developments in 2018. An overview of Trade Remedies in 2018 In the video, our associate provides historic figures regarding investigations, antidumping duties, protected industries, and targeted countries. Also, our associate reviews Mexico’s practice regarding whether China […]

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12 Dec , 2018  

Best Lawyers, Best Trade Lawyers in Mexico, Mejor Despacho de Comercio Exterior, Mejores Abogados,

On December 5, 2018, Best Lawyers, an influential lawyer ranking service in the world, announced the “Firm Award in Mexico”, in conjunction with the 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Mexico, in which our Managing Partner, Adrián Vázquez, and our Partner Eduardo Zepeda are recognized as the Best Mexican Lawyers in Trade Law practice. This publication awarded 12 law firms in […]

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