The International Economic Law Group – Universidad de los Andes

17 Apr , 2018  

On April 12th, our managing partner, Adrián Vázquez Benítez, was invited to participate in the launching of the International Economic Law Group (or Grupo en Derecho Internacional Económico (GDIEC))  in Bogota, Colombia.

The GDIEC, which has the institutional support of the Universidad de los Andes, aims at studying the central aspects of international economic law, including the laws of the World Trade Organization, the law of economic integration, investment law and international monetary law.

In this event, there was a panel that was formed by the following members: :

  • Nicolás Torres, Chief Negotiator of the Colombian Ministry of Commerce;
  • Maria Eugenia Mesa, advisor of the Colombian Ministry of Commerce;
  • Santiago Wills, head of the international trade and investment practice in Lewin y Wills; and
  • Ricardo Ramírez, a former appellate body member.

It was discussed in the panel the recent measures of the USA and China, the impasse in the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the WTO (in particular the Appellate Body), as well as the risks towards multilateralism.


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