COVID-19 Reopening activities in Mexico

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COVID-19 – Reopening Activities in Mexico

14 May , 2020  


Alert – Resuming Activities in Mexico


Today, 14 May 2020, the Ministry of Health published the “final” version of the Agreement[1] that contains the strategy to resume social, educational, and economic activities in the Official Gazette of the Federation; the Agreement adds new industries in the category of essential activities. Yesterday, a “draft” version of the agreement, issued under the authority of the General Health Council, was published in the Official Gazette that was suddenly removed, creating uncertainty.

Reopening Activities in Mexico

The strategy consists of a gradual reopening of the activities considering the following three phases:


Phase 1: Local Communities with 0 COVID cases.

Next Monday, 18 May 2020, phase 1 initiates with the reopening of activities in municipalities (local communities) that do not register COVID-19 cases and that are not in the vicinity of municipalities with COVID-19 cases. The Mexican Science and Technology Institution (CONACYT) developed a COVID-19 map that reports cases at a municipal level, visit in the following link.

Estrategia para la reanuadación de actividades, actividades esenciales y no esenciales, emergencia sanitaria por COVID-19, reanudación de actividades


The Ministry of Health, no later than Sunday 17 May 2020, will publish which municipalities will be able to resume school, social (whether public spaces may be open or not), and essential and non-essential economic activities.


Phase 2: Developing “Guidelines” For Resuming Activities in General

From 18 to 31 May, the following General “Guidelines” or “rules” aimed to prepare the reopening of activities in Mexico will be developed:

  • health protocols for resuming activities safely;
  • safety training for personnel in the work environment;
  • readjustment of spaces as well as production processes;
  • the implementation of entry filters, as well as sanitation and hygiene in the workplace;
  • among other matters determined by the Ministry of Health.


Phase 3: Reopening Activities 1 June 2020

On 1 June 2020, social, educational, and economic activities will resume per the “traffic light regional system” that will report every week and through “colors” the health and sanitary measures appropriate for the labor, educational and the use of public spaces:



Essential Activities: Construction, mining, and transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

Following article 4 of the agreement, the construction, mining and transportation equipment manufacturing industries will be considered as essential activities, but such industries may resume activities by June 1, 2020.

From 18 to 31 May, companies within said industries must implement the health and safety guidelines in the work environment that will be issued by the Ministry of Health, guidelines that will be developed in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labor as well as with the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

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[1]Acuerdo por el que se establece una estrategia para la reapertura de ls actividades sociales, educativas y económicas, así como un sistema de semáforo por regiones para evaluar semanalmente el riesgo epidemiológico relacionado con la reapertura de actividades en cada entidad federativa, así como se establecen acciones extraordinarias

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