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3 Apr , 2020  

COVID-19, How can we help?

(Download the PDF Version: COVID and Alliott)

COVID-19, everyone knows about it, but we are yet to find out the extent of the economic, social, and humanitarian consequences of this sanitary “tsunami”. Indeed, we live in extraordinary and complicated times caused by an unprecedented pandemic in recent history. From our perspective, the uncertainty persists and grows over the days, despite the fact that there is an abundance or excess of information, impossible to digest, produced by the digital age.

This pandemic puts the world to a test, including advisers to local and international businesses like us. Governments around the globe will react seeking to repair the damages or lessen the blow of this paralyzing wave. Businesses, meanwhile, will have to be alert and seek the relief measures available that are offered by governments in order to react in the best possible way to COVID-19’s effects. It is at this point where we and our colleagues of Alliott Group wish to offer our help in our capacity as key advisors for international businesses.

As a member of Alliott Group: Alliance of Accountants & Lawyers Worldwide, VTZ puts free at your reach relevant information on government relief measures, tax incentives or the like offered in countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are convinced that having a global vision on relief measures in different parts of the world will undoubtedly help business rethink their plans and contractual commitments. To access the information, visit Alliott Coronavirus Global Resources.

In advance, VTZ prepared a summary of the following relevant events and measures that Mexico has adopted in response to COVID-19:

  • USMCA status;
  • Sanitary Emergency Declaration and Government Measures;
  • Tax Incentives?

We, our colleagues of Alliott Group in 69 countries and VTZ, are ready to face and overcome the effects of this health crisis with you. So, tell us, how can we help?


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