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Migration and USMCA – The Trading Room

14 Jun , 2019  

The Trading Room

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Migration Pact stops Tariffs

Friday afternoon, Mexico and the US agreed on the migration crisis, an agreement that prevents, at least temporarily, the establishment of tariffs against products from Mexico. We highlight the following from the joint declaration and the press:

  • Mexico comprises to send the National Guard to the southern border, tackle human smuggling and trafficking organization.
  • Asylum Seekers in the US will be sent to Mexico, where they will await the adjudication of their US legal proceeding.
  • Mexico has 90 days to prove that the actions have been “effective”, a review in mid-July (45 days) will take place ;
  • Mexico rejected to be a “third-safe country”, at least for now.




USMCA, ratification in Mexico


Now that a major hurdle was avoided, the Mexican Senate is currently holding meetings regarding USMCA ratification. The Ministry of Economy provided the final English and the preliminary Spanish text of the treaty that are available in the following link: USMCA.

According to news outlets, the Mexican Senate may ratify USMCA next week, probably Wednesday 19 of June.


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