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Tariffs Against Mexican on Monday? – The Trading Room

7 Jun , 2019  

The Trading Room

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Will Trump Halt the Tariff Increase Against Mexico?

The US and the Mexican government have not reached an agreement regarding the migration crisis. Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Ebrard, claimed that both countries are willing to find a solution. According to a statement made by the US Press Secretary, Mrs. Sanders published in news outlets after the noon of this Thursday, the US is still moving forward with the tariffs. Needless to say, it has been reported by media outlets that the American government is considering to delay the 5% tariff against Mexican products. In the end,  the decision to halt the tariff increase against Mexican products will ultimately be in the hands of the US President’s, who returns to the US from Europe this Friday.


What is being negotiated?

High-level talks were have taken place since Wednesday, and it is being reported the possible solutions and/or agreements towards the migration crisis. Mexico confirmed that it has agreed to send 6,000 forces of the “Guardia Nacional” to control the migration flows from the Mexico-Guatemala border. Also, the New York Times reports that Mexico and Guatemala “have agreed to consider significant changes in asylum laws” so that migrants are required to seek asylum in the “first safe country” they enter. This would mean that people from Guatemala should request asylum in Mexico and not in the US, while people from El Salvador or Honduras should seek asylum in Guatemala. In addition, it appears that Mexico has agreed to expand the number of migrants that are seeking asylum in the US to wait in Mexico; but, Mexico has rejected to agree on being a “safe third country” for Central American migrants.



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