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Trade Alert – Antidumping Investigation on Steel Plate from Italy and Japan

14 Nov , 2017  

Today, the Ministry of Economy issued its decision to initiate an antidumping investigation on Steel Plate from Italy and Japan. For more information, feel free to access our trade alert that includes the list of exporters from Italy and Japan: VTZ- Alert Antidumping- Steel from Italy and Japan.

In the past years, the Mexican Ministry of Economy has targeted steel products from all around the globe and established antidumping duties. In fact, the majority of antidumping duties in force in Mexico apply to the metallic industries and its manufactured goods. Undertakings are rare in Mexico, two are currently in force and one relates to colled-rolled steel from Korea, where VTZ successfully advised the Korean producers.

For an overview of trade remedies in Mexico, see our publication in the International Trade Law Review.

For additional information concerning the Antidumping Investigation on Steel Plate from Italy and Japan, do not hesitate to contact any VTZ member.

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