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13 Feb , 2017  

On February 10, 2017, the Mexican Minister of Treasury – José Antonio Meade Kuribreña – attended a meeting of the National Confederation of Governors, held in Lázaro Cardenas, where he announced the tax incentives that the federal government will provide to those companies that invest within Mexico’s Special Economic Zones.

The present Update aims to complement our Report on SEZ, which was published last month, and it will inform the following:

  • new plans for the Special Economic Zones;
  • State and Local authorities’ actions;
  • and, the Federal, State, and Local incentives that were recently announced last Friday, February 10;


To download the Update, please click here: Update-SEZ-13022017



For further information on how we can assist your company, please feel free to download our SEZ Report at https://www.vtz.mx/information.php or contact Mr. Emilio Arteaga Vázquez (emilio@vtz.mx).



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