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Jorge Alejandro Montes Sánchez

Partner, Guadalajara

Jorge  Montes  Sánchez  is  a  member  of  the  tax  practice,  and he  is  responsible  for  the  area  of  auditing  and  verification  of compliance concerning tax obligations.

Practice Areas

Tax Law

• Refunds and offsets of taxes
• Auditing
• Mergers and demergers
• Sale of shares
• Redemptions and dividends


Jorge  Montes  advises  companies  with  domestic  and  foreign capital  to  optimize  their  tax  burden  by  analyzing  the  tax consequences  arising  from  their  commercial  operations.  Mr. Montes  also  advises  and  assists  companies  by  restructuring their  corporate  structure  in  order  to  improve  their  resources. He  also  advises  shareholders  in  numerous  matters,  such  as acquiring   shares   in   other   companies,   sale   of   shares, repayment of capital, dividends.




Public Accountant specialized in taxation, Universidad de Guadalajara (1997)


• Member of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants.
• Partner of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guadalajara and member of the Committee of Independent Exercise.
• Deputy Director of the Fiscal Committee of the Western Maquiladora Industry and Manufacturing Association (Index).
• Taxpayer trustee to the Local Government Assistance Zapopan, dependence Tax Administration Service.

News and Publications

Mr. Montes has received awards from: -Mexican Institute of Tax Analysis. -Institute of Accountants of Guadalajara. -Western Maquiladora Industry and Manufacturing Association (Index).