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María del Refugio Mejía Covarrubias

Consultant, Mexico City

María Mejía is an international trade advisor with more than 30 years of experience from both the public and private sectors. Mrs. Mejia is an expert in proceedings against dumping and subsidy practices.

Practice Areas

International Trade

• Trade remedies
• Economic analysis
• Tariff classification
• Duties and non-tariff barriers
• Rules of Origin
• FTAs
• Market studies
• Statistical analysis


María Mejía participates actively in trade remedy investigations and she is recognized by her highly sophisticated economic analysis. When working in the public sector, Ms. Mejía worked in different sectors of the Ministry of Economy, gaining experience in tariff classification, non-tariff barriers, rules of origin and export programs.


Spanish, English


Chemical engineering, UNAM (1994)

Diploma in Industrial Management, UNAM (1995)


• Member of the Association of Consultants on Unfair International Trade Practices
• Member of Team of Evaluators of the National Export Award
• Member of Chemical Council of CANACINTRA.