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Alan Ricardo Chávez Solis

Consultant, Mexico City

With more than 10 years in the firm, Mr. Alan Chavez is a graduated  in  business  administration,  and  he  is  currently working as an assistant of the members of the Regulatory and Tax law practice areas.

Practice Areas

Tax Law

• VAT and IEPS Certification
• Tariff classification
• NEEC certifications
• Security requirements


• Sanitary Permits
• Environmental Permits
• Trademark registrations


Mr.  Chavez  actively  assists  the  members  of  the  firm  from the   customs,   regulatory   and   tax   practice   areas.   Mr. Chavez    frequently    files    requests    for    sanitary    and environmental   permits,   trademark   registrations,   among others. He also has experience in tax procedures, such asVAT  and   IEPS   certification,   tariff   classification,   NEEC certification and security requirements.




Bachelor     in     Business     Administration, Universidad Insurgentes (2014)