Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Guadalajara y VTZ: Miércoles del Colega

12 Dec , 2017  

En el evento denominado “Miércoles del Colega”, organizado por el Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Guadalajara Jalisco, A.C.,  participan miembros de diferentes comisiones técnicas del citado Colegio para discutir temas de novedad.

Y este miércoles 13 de diciembre, nuestro socio, el C.P. Jorge Montes (integrante de la Comisión de Apoyo al Ejercicio Independiente), estará impartiendo el tema de “CFDI de traslado y otras novedades en materia de comprobación fiscal“.

Para mayor información sobre el próximo evento, consulte el siguiente flyer:

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VTZ ranked in Band 1 by Chambers and Partners

27 Oct , 2017  

In the 2018 Latin America Guide of Chambers and PartnersVázquez Tercero & Zepeda (VTZ) was ranked in Band 1 in the International Trade/WTO Law practice, again.

The publication describes VTZ as follows:

“Standout player in the Mexican international trade arena, advising a distinguished clientele on trade remedies issues including high-profile anti-dumping cases. Remains highly active in the steel and chemical industries, representing both local clients and foreign multinationals with a particular focus upon advising prominent Asian companies.”

Furthermore, three VTZ members are ranked as leading individuals in the field of Internationational Trade. Adrian B. Vázquez, our managing partner, is listed in Band 1 and clients described him as “someone who we always go to when we have questions of this nature.” 

Horacio López-Portillo, partner specialized in International Trade and Business law, is listed in Band 2 since he is “highlighted for his technical ability in this area“.

Finally, Eduardo Zepeda, partner specialized in IMMEX (maquiladora industry) and customs, is ranked in band 4 being described as “a very solid lawyer”.

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Horacio Lopéz Portillo moderates Panel at IBA Anual Conference

18 Oct , 2017  

Our partner Horacio A. López-Portillo co-chaired a panel titled “The future of trade agreements: Have they been trumped?” during the recent Annual Conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) held in Sydney, Australia, from 8 to 13 October 2017.

During the panel Horacio was honored to welcome Professor Jennifer Hillman of Georgetown University, a former member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization, who spoke extensively on the status of Brexit, NAFTA, the WTO and other trade agreements and later supervised the work of the various tables set up to discuss NAFTA, Brexit/EU, TPP, RCEP/ASEAN, Mercosur and the WTO.


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UPDATE: Decrees on SEZ

3 Oct , 2017  

On September 29, 2017, the Mexican Federal Government published three decrees creating three Special Economic Zones (SEZ), namely Lázaro Cardenas-Union (State of Michoacán and Guerrero), Coatzacoalcos (State of Veracruz) and Puerto Chiapas (State of Chiapas). As previously reported by VTZ, the Federal and Local governments will provide tax, customs and business incentives and facilitation measures to investors located within the SEZ, incentives that have been informed in greater detail in the Decrees. Needless to say, there are slight nuances among the three Decrees.

It must be noted that only investors within the Special Economic Zone, who have been authorized by the relevant authorities, may benefit from the incentives, which cannot be modified in prejudice of the investor; in this case, 15 years as of the date authorization to invest has been granted. Furthermore, some activities are prohibited within the SEZ, such as petroleum refinement and natural gas processing as well as the storage, transportation, distribution, and trading of oil & gas goods to persons located outside their SEZ; additional activities may be listed in future guidelines. Finally, authorities have made an emphasis on employment and certain requirements on this matter are imposed in order to benefit from the tax incentives.

In this update, we will inform the following:

  • Federal Tax Incentives;
  • Trade and Customs measures;
  • The next steps; and,
  • Investing in the SEZ.

To access our complete update, click the following link: VTZ – SEZ -Decretos 02092017 – Final

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Legal 500: VTZ a top tier firm in International Trade & Customs

6 Sep , 2017  

Legal 500 has issued its 2017 report, and VTZ was recognized as a top-tier Mexican Law Firm in the practice International Trade & Customs.

Furthermore, we are also proud to announce that two of our partners, Adrian Vázquez and Horacio López Portillo, are listed as leading lawyers. Finally, the Legal 500 also recommends other three VTZ Members, Eduardo Zepeda,  Eduardo González Espinosa and Verónica Vázquez Bravo.

To access the review, please click the following link: Legal 500 – IT&C – Mexico

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Adrián Vázquez will serve as a panelist in USMBA Annual Conference

31 Aug , 2017  

The U.S. – Mexico Bar Association (USMBA) will be hosting its annual conference in San Diego, CA, from September 27th to 29th, 2017, and, we are happy to announce that our partner, Adrián B. Vázquez, will serve as a panelist in following discussion table “Status of NAFTA Re-negotiations: An Examination of Recent Developments and Anticipated Direction of NAFTA Discussions between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.”

This annual conference gathers legal professionals from the region, who will be networking and learning about the evolving relationship between the U.S. and Mexico during the current political climate.



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Update: Special Economic Zones

17 Aug , 2017  

On June 23, 2017, the Inter-Ministerial Commission approved the creation of five SEZ, namely those that will be located in the states of Chiapas (Puerto Chiapas), Veracruz (Coatzacoalcos), Michoacán (Lázaro Cárdenas), Guerrero (Puerto Unión), Yucatán (Progreso) and Oaxaca (Salina Cruz).

Now, the next step is for the President to issue the Decrees that will officially create each SEZ. It is expected that in the upcoming months, or even weeks, Decrees will start being published in the Official Gazette. The Mexican States also play an important role in the development of a SEZ.

Therefore, the purpose of this update is to inform which are the economic sectors that are being targeted by the Mexican government to invest in the SEZ, as well as the significant legal developments regarding the implementation of the Mexican SEZ at the state level.

To access our update, please download it from the following link: Update-SEZ-17082017

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VTZ in Reuters: International trade in goods and services in Mexico

15 Aug , 2017  

Our partners, Adrián Vázquez and Horacio López Portillo, as well as our associates, Mariana Malvaez and Emilio Arteaga, have contributed to Thomson Reuters‘ International Trade and Commercial Transactions Global Guide, in which they responded to a Q&A guide concerning the International Trade in Goods and Services in Mexico.

This Q&A covers key matters relating to the regulation of international trade in Mexico, including recent trends, trade agreements, trade negotiations, rules relating to the supply of services, imports and exports requirements, trade remedies, and international trade restrictions.

To access the guide, click the following link: International Trade in Goods and Services in Mexico.

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VTZ in Reuters: Sale and storage of goods in Mexico

9 Aug , 2017  

Our partner, Horacio López Portillo, has contributed to Thomson Reuters‘ International Trade and Commercial Transactions Global Guide, in which he responded to a Q&A guide concerning the Sale and storage of goods in Mexico.

This Q&A covers key matters relating to sale of goods contracts, including legislative framework, rules on formation, price and payment, delivery, passing of title and risk, enforcement and remedies, exclusion of liability, choice of law and jurisdiction, and arbitration. It also provides an overview of the rules governing storage of goods.
To access the guide, click the following link:  Sale and storage of goods in Mexico.

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VTZ: Special Economic Zones

16 Jan , 2017  

Mexico is about to implement its Special Economic Zone policy, and VTZ has developed a report with the aim to assist potential investors to have a general idea on the applicable legal framework. In light of the recent international events, particularly regarding the new US administration, Mexico will probably use this new policy to respond to restrictive trade and investment policies by granting aggressive tax, customs, and business incentives.

To access the report, please click the following link: VTZ Report on Special Economic Zones


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