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Antidumping in Mexico – An Overview of 2018

2 Jan , 2019  

Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, Trade Remedies in Mexico, Antidumping in Mexico, Trade Lawyer in Mexico

Antidumping in Mexico

Our associate, Emilio Arteaga, reviews Mexico’s trade remedy system, in particular, antidumping duties, as well as trade developments in 2018.

An overview of Trade Remedies in 2018

In the video, our associate provides historic figures regarding investigations, antidumping duties, protected industries, and targeted countries. Also, our associate reviews Mexico’s practice regarding whether China qualifies as a Market Economy or Non-Market Economy in antidumping proceedings is addressed.



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12 Dec , 2018  

Best Lawyers, Best Trade Lawyers in Mexico, Mejor Despacho de Comercio Exterior, Mejores Abogados,

On December 5, 2018, Best Lawyers, an influential lawyer ranking service in the world, announced the “Firm Award in Mexico”, in conjunction with the 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Mexico, in which our Managing Partner, Adrián Vázquez, and our Partner Eduardo Zepeda are recognized as the Best Mexican Lawyers in Trade Law practice. This publication awarded 12 law firms in 14 different practice areas, such as competition, intellectual property, among others.

We are proud to inform that our firm, VTZ, is recognized as the Mexican “Law Firm of the Year” in Trade Law. In VTZ, we are humbled and thank our clients that have stored their trust in us and our services. VTZ congratulates all of its team members because the results, recognition, and awards are not be possible without their hard work and professionalism.

This award encourages us to continue striving to provide top-notch legal services in international trade law matters with the sole purpose of supporting our client’s businesses.

To see the Press Release, please click here: Press Release – “Law Firm of the Year”

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Who’s Who Legal: Adrian Vázquez a Leading Individual on International Trade & Customs 2018

13 Nov , 2018  

Whos Who Legal, Mejores Top Abogados de Comercio Exterior en México 2018, Top International Trade Lawyers in Mexico

Top International Trade & Customs Lawyers in Mexico

Trusted international law ranking agency, Who’s Who Legal, issued its “Trade & Customs 2018: Analysis“, in which it lists the world’s top trade and customs practitioners from over 45 countries.

VTZ is proud to announce that our managing partner, Adrian Vázquez, is considered a leading individual in Latin America. According to the publication,

Peers in the Mexico, the USA and Europe laud Adrián Vázquez at Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda as a “leader in this area, with really deep legal knowledge”. His expertise lies in trade remedy investigations and intentional trade matters.

After knowing about this recognition, Adrian Vázquez said that is was an honor to appear in the 2018 Who’s Who legal research in Trade & Customs.

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1 Oct , 2018  

Late night Sunday, an agreement was reached by the United States and Canada, alongside Mexico, regarding the modernization of the North America Free Trade Agreement, which will now be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The USMCA text was published yesterday. You can access the text of this free trade agreement through the following link of the United States Trade Representative website: USTR – USMCA

USMCA is composed of 34 chapters, 12 more than the original NAFTA. VTZ will prepare a working paper about this new deal, which should be available in the upcoming days. Please let us know, through an email, if you would like to receive it.


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Why Should We Keep Chapter 19 of the NAFTA?

27 Sep , 2018  

A group of Trade Law Experts from the Mexican Trade Law Bar, including our partner Adrian Vázquezissued the following statement about: Why Should We Keep Chapter 19 of the NAFTA?

But first….



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VTZ: Top-Tier firm in The Legal 500 Latin America

6 Sep , 2018  

Top Despacho de Abogados en mexico, comercio exerior, Top law Firm in Mexico, Guide Legal 500, Ranking de Abogados

The 2018 ranking of The Legal 500 Latin America was published yesterday and our firm VTZ was recognized as a top-tier Mexican law firm in the practice International Trade and Customs.

Our Managing Partner, Adrian Vázquez is listed as leading lawyers. Furthermore, the Legal 500 recommends other five VTZ members, Eduardo ZepedaEduardo González EspinosaVerónica Vázquez Bravo, Emilio Arteaga Vázquez and Hector Vázquez-Tercero. We are proud of all of our members and this result.

We invite you to visit the guide in the following link: The Legal 500 – IT&C – Mexico

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Our Managing Partner in “Expert Guides” as Top Lawyer in Mexico

29 Aug , 2018  

Adrián Vázque y Horacio Lopez Portillo, Mejores Abogados de Comercio Exterior en México , Ranking de Abogados, Best Lawyers in Mexico

Top Lawyers In International Trade

The publication “Expert Guides”, one the most trusted resources for international buyers of legal services, issued its best lawyers list on the International Trade Practice in Mexico.

Adrian Vázquez

Our Managing Partner, Adrián Vázquez Benítez, was recognized as “Best of the best“.

In VTZ, we are proud of our Managing Partner for this recognization.

More information: Expert Guides Mexico

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Antidumping Investigation on Aluminum foil in Coil from China

28 Aug , 2018  

Today, the Mexican Ministry of Economy initiated an antidumping investigation on aluminum foil in coil (Official Gazette). Below please find a summary of the main aspects of this investigation:

  1. Product Description: Aluminum foil in coil for domestic use and/or industrial with a thickness equal or less than .080 mm, without support, rolled but not further worked, with an external diameter equal or greater than 100mm with a weight greater than 5 kg.
  2. Mexican HTS: 11.01
  3. Petitioner: Almexa Aluminio, S.A. de C.V.
  4. Period of Analysis of Injury: January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2017.
  5. Period of Investigation: January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017
  6. Date to submit Questionnaire: October 5, 2018
  7. Dumping Methodology: Mexican Ministry is considering China as a non-market economy and, thus, it is using the United States as a surrogate country.

For information regarding the Chinese exporters listed in the Notice of Initiation, please access the following document:VTZ – Antidumping Investigation from Aluminum from China

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VTZ celebrates its 45th Anniversary

20 Aug , 2018  

A day like today, but in 1973, Héctor Vázquez Tercero founded Vázquez Tercero y Asociados, so we are celebrating our 45th anniversary.

While at its onset the firm focused on industrial policy, investment, and trade-control matters, it later shifted its practice exclusively to international trade matters when Mexico began opening its economy in the mid-80’s.



In 2011, Vázquez Tercero y Asociados joined forces with Eduardo Zepeda, and Vázquez Tercer y Zepeda (VTZ) was the result of such synergy.

In our 45th anniversary, VTZ now has seven offices in Mexico’s most dynamic cities and in the northern border, and it is recognized as a leading law firm in trade and customs matters.



VTZ a “Top Ranked” firm in Chambers

10 Aug , 2018  

Chambers, VTZ, Best Mexican Law Firm, Top Mexican Layers, Trade, Customs WTO, Band 1

One of the Top Law Firms in Mexico

VTZ  a Band 1 Law Firm in International Trade & WTO Law Practice

In Chambers and Partners‘ Latin American 2019 Guide, Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda (VTZ) is listed in Band 1 in the International Trade/WTO Law practice in Mexico. For the past six years, VTZ has established itself as a leading law firm within this ranking.

Top Law Firm in Mexico, International Trade, Customs, Best Mexican Lawyers in TradeThis guide highlights VTZs’ work in the international trade practice, advising companies, local and multinational, in a wide array of matters, from antidumping investigations to maquiladora (IMMEX) industry.

Best Mexican Lawyers in Trade

In addition, two VTZ partners are listed as leading lawyers and individuals in the field of International Trade/WTO Law:



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