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Our Associate Published in an IBA Newsletter

3 Nov , 2017  

Before attending the IBA’s annual conference, our associate, Emilio Arteaga Vázquez, appeared in the IBA’s Young Lawyers Newsletter this September.

The Young Lawyers Committee selected his essay concerning the logic of foreign investment reviews, which he submitted last year for the IBA scholarship of the Antitrust and Trade Section.

The first paragraph of his essay is as follows:

In coral reefs one can find well-defined structures between numerous species, plant and animal, where they are dependent on each other mainly on a cooperative basis, providing stability to the relevant ecosystem. Just like in a coral reef ecosystem, one can also find in the economy, either global, regional or domestic, rules on foreign investment, international trade and competition policy – the coexisting species –– that are somewhat dependent on one another and tend to share a common goal: creating an enabling and sustainable economic environment. If a species is suddenly missing or performing its function poorly, the coral reef or the market will feel and suffer from the inbalance, but if functioning properly, the environment will perform optimally and, thus, be generally successful.

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